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North Vancouver
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Private YOGA classes, multiple styles! Restore the body and relax your mind

Depending on the style the student would choose, I adapt my knowledge to his/her choice. During a Hatha class, we follow the traditional style starting with the sun salutation series and moving through the practice in a slow flow holding postures for a certain amount of breaths.

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Hatha, Ashtanga or Vinyasa Yoga classes for every level in Groningen and surroundings

When teaching, I find it especially important that it is focused on what the yoga practitioner would like. In group classes I make sure that the lesson is challenging but also fun for every level. In private lessons I give room for specific wishes (extra spicy or just restorative).

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A Hatha Yoga Teacher and Core Confidence Specialist would be happy to help individuals or groups achieve Vitality and Wellness through the sciences of Yoga, movement, breath work, & meditation.

I adapt my style to suit the physical abilities or limitations of each individual who wants to practice yoga, and of each woman who wants to work on the core of her body. My typical yoga class would start with getting to know the yoga practitioner, some relaxation with deep yogic breathing , yoga postures (asanas) adapted to the needs of the individual, breath work and final relaxation.

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Coquitlam based certified yoga instructor with experience of teaching yoga in India and Canada.

I teach Ashtanga, Hatha, vinyasa, Prana and laughter yoga. My classes all have a focus on unifying the mind, body and spirit while having a good workout too. With my extensive knowledge about Hindu and Buddhist mythology, attending my class becomes a transformative experience.

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Thinking about you and I care... so I give you something that works for me

To describe a beginning session in this fluid routine... Keep in mind we want to flow and stretch all the major and minor muscles, tendons and ligaments in our bodies. Do so on a matted/cushioned/carpeted area at least as open as you can swing a bat 360° (that will give you room to move) Wear loose fitting sweat pants, tshirt and socks Be slow... be methodical...

Paris 17e
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Yoga Instructor gives Yoga and Meditation Classes for Artists, Singers and Musicians

Why do yoga when we want above all to practice music and improve its musical talents? Because the musician will tend to work a body part rather that another. A right-handed guitarist eg seek the right side of the body and this created tensions not always compatible with the relaxation and openness that music requires. Yoga is to balance, stretch and relax the whole body by aligning opposed.

Croydon Park
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Private and Group Yoga Lessons tailored to You and Your Needs - Learn How to Connect Mind, Body and Soul

I aim to give students an understanding of their physical and emotional body and how they are connected. I strive to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere. I ensure my client moves within their body's limit and work towards stretching deeper with each movement, each class. Finding strength within their mind, body and soul is incredibly important to me.

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Yoga professional with Diploma in yoga and consciousness. Teaches astanga yoga to all age groups

I teach astanga yoga which includes asanas, Pranayama, relaxation techniques and meditation too.

Lvy galvão
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Founder and teacher of Yoga - Yoga For Me I am an Ayurvedic therapist I YMA I graduated and licensed since 2008 I am in Fortaleza with the project - Yoga with manas, with low cost values. Mine

certified since 2008, I started teaching in 2009. In 2013, I founded Shala House Hamsa in Fortaleza, an area of interior security to attend women, with daily classes and workshops. In 2015 Yoga For Me was born, with events, courses and retreats.

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Brazilian with five years of experience in yoga, give yoga classes to enhance your chakras.

My teaching methods are always based on the students ability, also I always look for to improve the knowledge that they already have by giving them tips to enhance their balance, strength and flow.

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Hatha YOGA teacher certified in India (200 hr RYT) with 7 years of experience. Private classes or group of classes in person or via Skipe. Private classes are personalised according to your goals.

Qualified Hatha YOGA teacher and therapist (Reiki, Crystals and sound healing) Private classes are in person or via Skipe, these classes are personalised according to student goals. The classes are offered in person which can be at my place or at the peace of your home with an extra cost for travel. The classes can also be via Skipe where people find it very successful as in person.

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Get on your Mat and join me for a restorative hour of Yoga in your home.

My teaching methods include: 1. Strengthening of Muscles and Joints to reduce the risk of sudden injury with age. 2. The lesson Plan focuses on Yogasanas or Practices that helps in creating the space and finding the balance within. 3. The teaching methodology is designed in a pattern that caters to holistic well-being rather than just focusing on physical realm. 4.

Lyon 7e
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Give Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga or children's classes for dynamic individual or group lessons.

I can give yoga classes in community (school, outdoor or in studio) but also private individual course (home). The progress in my students is pretty fast and if the course is individual, I am listening to the specific needs of each of them. Indeed, I find it very important to adapt to each person and to be able to fully follow the progress of people throughout the sessions.

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Yoga teacher (Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal) and Ayurvedic Therapist. French English. Private & Collective course.

I propose a Yoga adapted to your needs, your desires or your state of the moment in respect of your body. A gentle thematic practice that combines dynamic or immobile postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. The movements are linked in harmony with a conscious and controlled breathing, calming the nervous system and balancing the mind.

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8 years Yoga practice and Yoga teacher with 4 years experience. 500hr YTT Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa-Flow. I studied in India, Goa and Rishikesh.

I my classes I want my student to leave feeling like they've worked hard physically, relaxed mentally and also to leave with a positive attitude.

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Learn yoga today! 1-2-1 or group lessons, online or in person

We focus on reaching a meditative state, through combining breath with movement. We learn the various poses and sequences which allow you to flow between poses. Through repetition, we will master these together, allowing you to see real progress over the weeks.

Bondi Junction
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Yoga teacher imparting imagery based movements knowledge to practitioners. Anatomical understanding and mind tagging serves as intelligence to energy based movements.

My teaching metholodogy is purely scientific on how one learns to use their own bodyweight to counterbalance the forces of momentum and gravity through yoga. The key attribute of my teaching involves the internal seeing of the minds eye , based on images which connects to the anatomical structures in the body.

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Yoga teacher sharing the practice in your home or my home studio in Victoria

Private yoga sessions offer the personalized instruction necessary to deepen your relationship to your body and the many benefits of the practice including reducing stress, fine tuning asana and developing your connection to your breath. Each private class is based entirely on your needs for where you are now.

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Certified passionate Yoga instructor, bringing yoga to you, your way in Ottawa

My Yoga classes are for all levels of Yoga participants. I am happy to tailor your practice to suit your particular needs and will offer modifications as we go along. If you are unable to leave your home, but want to benefit from Yoga practice, I will bring Yoga to you.

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Yoga instructor, Coach life, Personal trainer, Improve your life in an integral way

Personalized teaching management, thanks to the knowledge in Pedagogy, we start from the way you learn to teach you the methods that allow you to design your life plan, your decisions, techniques and exercises. Experience and patience are my main characteristics.

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Wellpreneur gives yoga and breathing lessons to adults and women and kids.

My methods are fun, relaxing, inspiring, i base my classes on alignment, supporting the low back for strength, inspiration, tailor to level of individual and love working with newbies or beginners! I create on-on -one programs for health and wellness.

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Yoga from the eyes of a yogi in the final making :D

I generally start with some basic Yogasanas and Pranayama breathing techniques, then do a stretching sequence like Suryanamaskar, then do some warmup and Yogasanas and finally guide into Yoganidra.

North Lakes
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Brisbane Based Qualified Yoga Teacher- Hatha, Restorative and Yin Yoga Teach All over Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

I teach based upon real-life needs. I focus on mobility, range of movement and I love to add in easy movements that you can do at home or work. I am focused in on the body and the breath, bringing it back to the basics in what you feel and how you move.

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RYT 500 Experienced yoga teacher creating space for private or small group classes to explore the various aspects of yoga.

I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching for four years now. I prefer to teach private or small groups as it allows me to really work with a client and get to know them both physically and mentally. I feel I am able to build stronger classes and help people through their journey with more compassion when focusing directly on them.

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Yoga Samadhi, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga. Yoga based on chakra healings. Yoga classes with professional yoga teacher certified by American Yoga Alliance. Meditations, Pranayama - breath

My teaching method base on the individual approach. Meditation is essential part of my class. My classes are all different, sometimes I follow the flow of energy and give vynasa flow yoga, or ashtanga yoga with breathing. Hatha Yoga is very important in my practice too with many kind of Pranayama (breathing). Breath is the source of our being.

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Passionate & highly experienced Yoga educator provides invaluable tutoring in North East border area.

I am a Yoga Teacher, a Mother and a student of life - I teach both individuals and small groups of students & I offer a strong Vinyasa Flow, a meditative Yin class, Pre natal Yoga and a slow flow class. I teach from the heart and I am approachable and adaptable to the clients in front of me while teaching.

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I focus on classical Hatha Yoga approached through Raja, Karma, and Tantric lenses within a Vipassana meditation framework.

I teach for the evolution of humanity's consciousness. My philosophy is that craving, aversion, and delusion within the human mind are the root causes of vast human suffering. Climate change is perhaps humanity’s greatest teacher yet about how these mental forces, when unchecked in ourselves and our institutions, cause harm to other people and the biosphere.

Santa Cristina de Aro
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Hatha yoga, yoga for children, yoga for retirees. For all levels! Group and private classes. Committed practitioner, in constant training and with qualifications.

I'm Andrea and I'm 23 years old. Yoga has opened a great door to self-knowledge and my passion is to share that experience of personal growth with others. My method utilizes yoga as a process of self exploration, through breathing, body awareness, philosophy and yogic techniques that can be incorporated depending on what each one seeks. I do special classes, adapted to each one.

Hospitalet de Llobregat
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BARCELONA: I am traveling all over the world and practicing yoga. Meditation and purification of consciousness. Bioenergy

My teaching method is to submerge in you the cleansing of your body, through yoga, through meditation, the cleansing of consciousness. YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE IF YOU GIVE ME UNAFORD.

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Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline whose main purpose is to heal body and soul, has never been more popular. Using breathing techniques, as well as strict exercise and meditation in order to improve health and happiness, everyone profits from yoga lessons. Although Christianity disputes its benefits, yoga has found its way to infiltrate our lives and make us find inner peace. Doctors have also tried to determine if yoga lessons have any influence on our health and came to a conclusion that it does indeed help reduce risk factors and aid the patient psychologically. Anyone interested in yoga can now easily find private yoga teachers on SuperPROF. Furthermore, yoga is related to a number of other physical activities including dance lessons. Additionally, potential students could also be interesting in ice skating, Qi Gong or perhaps krav maga, an Israeli self-defense system. Each student can also find their ice skating teacher, Qi Gong teachers or even a krav maga instructor.