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Yoga teacher giving good and quality yoga classes for different levels of students in Calgary.

I like to create an atmosphere that allows people to be themselves. To me, Yoga is not just to stretch or earn flexibility, it more than that. A true yoga is the search for a worldview that actually bring people happiness. Everyone can do Yoga, with the right practice and people around you, you will feel amazing on and off of your mat.

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Haha Yoga, vinyasa flow at home, and around Perpignan, all levels accepted

I discovered Yoga in Asia during my travels and the time of my assignment in Thailand. I started with Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and followed different types of yoga thereafter (Ashtanga, Hatha). Hatha yoga is what attracted me the most. Taking time on postures, breathing harmonize with gestures, each movement makes sense and brings serenity and well-being.

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Yoga therapist & Hatha Yogi, giving solutions to health (physical and mental) problems with Yogic techniques

I am trained and certified Yoga teacher from SVyasa Bangalore and a certified Yoga therapist from Yoga Alliance International India. I give classes to beginners and intermediate students in Yoga and to people facing specific health problems solving them by Yogic techniques. I include much more than Asanas in my class depending on the age, level and most importantly requirement of my students.

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Ancient yoga techniques & therapy , well ness , stress relief .

Yoga Instructors teach the principles and movements of yoga to students in fitness center classes and in private sessions.

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Yoga for a healthy and happy life with peace of mind without diseases


Marseille 5e
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Professional dancer graduate Vinyasa Yoga gives particular yoga at home

We are in a good mood when we feel good in our bodies. This is the feeling I have since my discovery of Vinyasa Yoga, this learning of attention, concentration and mental peace. What quality alloy in order to focus on yourself and accept it as such. As choreographic artist, yoga has given me a different view of physical exercise as well in practice as in his feelings.

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Yoga,Meditation training for all age groups. An S-VYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) certified Yoga trainer

Customize meditation and yoga sessions according to learner profile ,Promoted balance of the body and mind through effective teaching and demonstrations.

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Yoga the art of living...so start a better living art With yoga ️️

My certification is from Bhartiya vidya bhawan , delhi , india. I have a great knowledge of yoga mainly for diabetes, Blood pressure , obesity , arthritis etc but also I can cure nearly all problems by helping in naturopath and aayurvedic medicines. I firstly focous on the persons problem origin then I start its cure.

Arvind guru
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Yoga is a way of life. Learn it to achieve mental and physical peace.

I prefer taking it slow. I individually gauge peoples mental and physical strength and teach them accordingly. Yoga can be useful for attaining peace and physical fitness. My teaching is suitable for people who are under mental stress and people who are looking to gain fitness through dedicated training.

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Private classes of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, relaxing, Meditation, Pranayama in Madrid

I am a certified Yoga teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Vinyasa recognized by the International Yoga Alliance. I was lucky to be attend the yoga teacher training in the cradle of this beautiful discipline (India) and I would love to share all my knowledge with you.

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Yoga instructor guiding both public and private class in Vancouver, BC. I'm certified in vinyasa, hatha, yin, and hot yoga. I also have meditation and breathing training focusing on stress reduction a

My teachings are steeped in connection to the self while creating a balanced lifestyle. Finding health within body, mind, and emotions are the benefits of working closely with a yoga instructor. I have simple tools which can be practiced in the comfort of your own home to become more centered within yourself.

New Delhi
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Students who interested in yoga I am here for teaching yoga and acupressure therapy

There is a “stepping stone” process for learning how to teach. The first step is careful observation of other Yoga teachers. Learn what you would, and would not, do by participating in a class. This form of observation requires the intern to participate, and take in the whole classroom experience, in complete silence..

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" Find the Light within You" - Certified Adult and Children's yoga teacher. Experienced teaching in schools.

Every session will include warm up, asanas (poses) to stretch the whole body,and end the class with at least 5 mins of relaxation and meditation. Yoga to balance the body and mind. I always make sure that my students leave the class calm and relaxed.

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Healthy body+fresh mind=sucsess.do yoga everyday for 24 min in 24 hour...enjoy life

those who want only fitness and a attractive body i m there to teach the methods practically with my associate teacher and myself and for patients of ortho i used to treat them personally with care.

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Professor of classical, modern and contemporary dance (former dancer of the National University of Cuyo), yoga and Pilates international certification, high experience with children and adults

The main objective both in teaching and in my artistic career is to deliver a training that allows the development of the expressive potentials of the body, using different systems of physical and mental training such as Dance (classical and contemporary), Pilates and Yoga; worrying especially in the different needs, interests and learning times.

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Navi Mumbai
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Yoga trainer in New Mumbai. Biginer to advance level yoga training with certificate.

I have good experience with yoga training,I was state level player in Mallakhamb . I am also IT Engineer .

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Home Yoga courses for Stress Management (soft yoga) and Toned Shape (dynamic yoga)

Practicing Yoga since 2009, I like to offer a Yoga that is both contemplative and physical, connecting breath, body and mental for 45min to 1 hour of practice in the confort of your home, alone or together with friends.

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I teach yoga. The form that takes goes against what is the conventional expectation of average yoga class attendees -- only because the idea that people have about yoga is often colored by sexualized

I teach yoga. The form that takes goes against what is the conventional expectation of average yoga class attendees -- only because the idea that people have about yoga is often colored by sexualized images and a work-out mentality that has been bred deep into us.

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Yoga shisa of raparthi rama rao since 7 year and doing PG diploma in yoga from vizag

My method of teacher is in a practice way , understanding how the asanas are helpful for health and for loosing weight and to gain weight

Sangita date
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I will teaching yoga since 33 years. I will teach you everything about yoga.

My teaching method is very simple that any one can do yoga. I also teaches pranayama, it's helps you to your day-to-day life.

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Experiance the Key of Happiness, Joy, Peace, Wealth in stress-free healthy life..

Mostly I give train in Marathi language. Also giving meditation and relaxation in basic level. Like to take classes for kids who can not consentrate in studies.

New Delhi
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Yoga basically mean the union of body , mind, and soul. To life live in present is yoga.

The main aim of yoga is to identify yourself , i will help you to meet your goal.

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I teach Yoga (all levels) in Lyon. Classes at your place/outdoors, small groups or private lessons!

Are you thinking about giving yoga a go? Maybe you already practice yoga but cannot find a class that fits your schedule or your tastes? Contact me to arrange a private lesson or small group with friends and / or colleagues. I can teach at home or outdoors (park or along the Rhone)! I am in the center of Lyon (Metro Garibaldi) and I can teach anywhere downtown in Lyon.

(6 reviews)
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International yoga teacher offers private and business classes in CABA. Where the mind goes the energy flows.

My teaching method is based on the belief that año people can practice yoga. Physical flexibility is in the background, we seek to relax the mind, control our breathing and emotions, redirect our energy in order to release all our fetters and live in harmony.

New Delhi
Kastur yogi
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Transform your life ,live quality life and feel good. Asana, pranayama , meditation, relaxation.

My teaching method is on client's condition basis, it may medical conditions , their need(like weight loose) or stress relief.

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Hatha Yoga and Therapeutics in Madrid: all people can get the benefits of Yoga

Hatha Certified Teacher with Sivananda ATTC Advanced training of 500 hours (Rudraprayag, Himalayas) and others such as Anusara, Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Swami Atma (Rishikesh, India). Sessions between 1h and 1 h 30 minutes.

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Certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga at home in Madrid.

In my classes I try to guide the students through a fluid sequence of Vinyasa Yoga (breathing and movement), in which they can explore how to deepen and find new possibilities in each position. Breathing, movement and conscious observation allow us to release tensions, change patterns, strengthen weak areas and develop a more harmonious relationship with ourselves and with the environment.

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Hello! I'm Luana, yoga instructor. I give yoga classes at home in Castellón and surroundings.

What is integral yoga? It is a combination of hatha yoga and kundalini. I teach classes at home, individuals, companies, etc. Mens sana in corpore sano. Yoga allows you through the different techniques of meditation, pranayamas, asanas and relaxation to focus on what your interior needs to reflect on your exterior.

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English/French Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga classes in Bordeaux, certified RYS-200 in 2010, my expertise lays in many years spent in India

In private lessons I give you a practice adapted 100% to your needs whatever your goal is (Lose weight, let go of stress, back/knee pain, ...). I have guided many beginners, as well as experienced practitioners in postures (flow and alignment), breathing and meditation, for efficient results in a few lessons. I work on the physical and energy fields, adding Thaï massage and ReiKi when needed.

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Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline whose main purpose is to heal body and soul, has never been more popular. Using breathing techniques, as well as strict exercise and meditation in order to improve health and happiness, everyone profits from yoga lessons. Although Christianity disputes its benefits, yoga has found its way to infiltrate our lives and make us find inner peace. Doctors have also tried to determine if yoga lessons have any influence on our health and came to a conclusion that it does indeed help reduce risk factors and aid the patient psychologically. Anyone interested in yoga can now easily find private yoga teachers on SuperPROF. Furthermore, yoga is related to a number of other physical activities including dance lessons. Additionally, potential students could also be interesting in ice skating, Qi Gong or perhaps krav maga, an Israeli self-defense system. Each student can also find their ice skating teacher, Qi Gong teachers or even a krav maga instructor.