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Trilingual yoga teacher offering personalized lessons in Napa Valley to all ages

My classes are based on constant flow linked with breath, a nice playlist and most importantly, challenging each of my students to fully access their strength and joy! I can teach in English, French and Italian if needed. I strongly believe in the importance of pranayama - the art of breathing, as a way to guide the practice, in order to find inner well-being.

Daytona Beach
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Yoga Guru Who Has Trained With Yoga Journal Experts Desires To Help You Find Your Zen!

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

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International retreat Yoga and dance teacher providing lesson in NYC all ages

My teaching methods include: step by step, holistic and project based learning. I lay the basics of any subject or topic and then allow students to incorporate their personal touch. After they have mastered the basic skills and techniques .

Los Angeles
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Yoga teacher offering unique elemental, earth based yoga classes in the Los Angeles area that help you get more in tune with your body and it's rhythms by deep feeling.

My teaching philosophy is to work with you and your body! Your body is calling to be listened to and I guide you to be there with it. I utilize the elemental energies in our movement forms and breathing practices, learning how to feel and access the energies of earth, fire, wind, air, and ether. It is my goal to open you up into a whole new experience of yourself and feeling your body.

Deerfield Beach
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7 years of experience, 600 hours certified instructor from south Florida USA

My aspiration is to transmit to people the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of practicing Yoga. I will show how muscle strength and flexibility can be gained through different Yogic poses by engaging muscles that are not typically engaged doing other types of exercise. Also, I will guide you through and experience of expanded awareness while focusing on the breath and sensations in the body.

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Hello beautiful souls! My name is Maria and I am here to give the best of my knowledge for your spiritual and body sculpting experience.

My teaching methodology is making sure i teach you the best way for you to really open yourself connect eith your body and pull out the best feeling you can get out of your workout.

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Traditional Yoga and Meditation Trainer from India- a combination of body movement and breath

I usually begin with a mantra and blessing to the nature earth. I make changes in my method according to the students I have. Most of the students I receive have a different problem in their life which they want to eradicate. Basically, the traditional yoga and meditation practice help my students in their day to day life. Eventually, they become happier than before.

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Happy experienced teacher and trainer. Helping students around the world to wonder, learn & grow!

I make it all relatable! Start with an essential question and an objective. Socratic questions and a way to apply the learning to check for understanding.

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Yoga for Beginners (learn the basic stretches for your body!) BEST FOR YOU

I began doing yoga when I was first 13 years old in high school by simply taking an afterschool class, and slowly began going to classes at gyms, college and decided to do it at home by myself. I have a passion of doing it regularly because it helps with the mind, body and soul. I want to get people educated in what yoga can do for you, where it comes from and why people do it.

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Marci winters yoga- austin- certified in meditation, chi quong- 20 years of experience, nurturing, supportive

I approach each individual according to his/her unique needs, including fitness level and overall health. I am extremely nurturing and supportive, also allowing for a healthy challenge. I use modalities that are appropriate for the beginner to advanced student.

West Hollywood
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Strength, Length, Balance and Flexibility. Alignment focused yoga classes that build connections between mind, body and spirit.

I am focused on meeting my students needs. If fitness is an objective, we can focus on strength and movement. If relaxation is a goal, we can soften, stretch and find stillness. I am focused on empowering you.

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Inhale exhale repeat everything will be okay. We will walk together to conquer the world

Understanding that we all come from different backgrounds we all learn differently taking my time when it’s needed

Cliffside Park
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Yoga instructor in northern New Jersey teaching beginners and intermediate level students how to sharpen their practice

My method is to tailor each class to the individual! You will be able to better understand how to work with current limitations and breathe into correct alignment.

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Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor in Bakersfield, CA with 6+ years experience for Families, Children, and Adults.

I teach within the Iyengar Yoga Method. We focus on preciseness and learning about the body within the pose. In my classes you will learn the basic standing, seated, inverted, and back bend poses for level 1 and level 2 students. I teach how to go into a pose, what to do in a pose and how to come out of a pose.

Los Angeles
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Come learn and have Fun with Bhakti Yoga Instructor... influenced by Ashtanga, Basic Reiki, and Mindfulness , Kirtan (call and response Chanting) , Spiritual Music personal Development

Daily Practitioner. I usually participate in the class as well as offer adjustments to align postures and for destress, relaxation and healing. Often times I introduce various musical selections as well as incense and essential oils. I am also very flexible to accommodate to each student. Thank you for the consideration.

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Yoga instructor with 5+ years of experience offering private or group classes in your home.

I base my teaching in healthy sustainable movements that are tailored to each student's level of fitness and safe range of motion. I am a firm believer in practicing yoga safely and sustainably to avoid injury. My teaching is not only limited to the physical practice of asana, but also dives into the spiritual path of practicing yoga.

March Air Reserve Base
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Yoga with Minney Ji will change your mind and body. Learn Yoga in Santa Maria, Lompoc and on Vandenberg AFB

Yoga has a lot of benefits, and to get those benefits, we should do our yoga with correct alignment. Every single asana(posture) has purpose and it cannot be achieved if we don't do the asana correct. My students would experience all those benefits with my yoga classes.

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Kundalini yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance and Hatha. Certified in Health and Alternative Therapies

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by KRY. Kundalini classes aim to show your maximum potential as a person, are suitable for anyone regardless of the condition. The classes work with an achievement of specific exercises that work different topics, such as sleep disorders, cleansing of the body, muscular system.

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Yoga classes at home, adult couples; children and the whole family. Thai Massage Therapy.

Yoga teacher; Thai Massage Therapist (300h RYT), USA; ballerina, child educator and sociocultural operator. It comes from a long work of research and interdisciplinary training body. Priscilla the last decade has been studying various disciplines of bodywork, in countries like India, United States, Spain and Venezuela.

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Professor of hatha yoga and relaxation gives private lessons to your domicil or miene

My classes are for those who wish through the tools of yoga to maintain and improve their physical and mental shape, overcome stress, depression, relieve some health problems, and simpliment amegliorer the quality of life. My priorities are health, safety and individuality chaqun. I offer tutoring in your home or mine. Classes last one hour or 1h30 according to your wishes.

Paris 17e
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Yoga Instructor gives Yoga and Meditation Classes for Artists, Singers and Musicians

Why do yoga when we want above all to practice music and improve its musical talents? Because the musician will tend to work a body part rather that another. A right-handed guitarist eg seek the right side of the body and this created tensions not always compatible with the relaxation and openness that music requires. Yoga is to balance, stretch and relax the whole body by aligning opposed.

Lyon 7e
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Give Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga or children's classes for dynamic individual or group lessons.

I can give yoga classes in community (school, outdoor or in studio) but also private individual course (home). The progress in my students is pretty fast and if the course is individual, I am listening to the specific needs of each of them. Indeed, I find it very important to adapt to each person and to be able to fully follow the progress of people throughout the sessions.

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Advanced Yoga trainer gives yoga classes for interested yogis and yoginis in and around Windsor

My classes are meant for persons of all age who have knowledge or know nothing about the art form. I am here to make you understand that yoga is a personal journey which resonates with your own unique personality. My classes will not have any judgement or comparison. I will make you realise your innate physical and mental strength which you didn't know existed in you.

Le Vésinet
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Private English Yoga Teacher For VIP Class - Le Vésinet / Le Pecq

I have been practicing Yoga for more than 5 years and have an international degree obtained in an American school. I wish to offer a Yoga that gives the smile, a Yoga that gives you benefits in your everyday life and that helps you to cope with the hassles of everyday life. I offer Yoga classes adapted to your anatomy, your level and your desires.

Barra da Tijuca
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Yoga teacher based in Rio De Janeiro who offers personal or group classes

I am Milena, I am 20 years old and I live in Rio. I am passionate about meditation, spirituality and self-knowledge. I found in yoga my lifestyle and my favorite tool towards self-realization and this is what I share with the students in each class of mine.

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Energising yet relaxing classes with Yoga Alliance certified Sivananda yoga teacher in London

My teaching method is disciplined with room for variation, I adhere to the path of Sivananda yoga and very much hope to aid students toward meditation in their practice. I am open to complete beginners up to intermediate level students and those looking to create a stronger personal practice at home.

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Stress management, physical relaxation and exploration, yoga deals with all of it!

In my yoga classes, I am attached to several points: - the respect of oneself and one's capacities of the moment, one's energy; - attention to breathing, awareness of movement; - the precision of the postures and sequences, the anatomy of the body is important and a good realization of the postures allows a deep work of stretching, musculation and relaxation.

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Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, Universal Yoga Center in India: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yin Yang, Restorative, Yoga interval.

In my approach, I like to establish a link with the person to whom I teach. Thus, it is important that we can, at the first meeting, discuss the expectations and needs of the person, so that I can frame my personal follow-up based on that. I like to start my lessons with a few minutes of anchoring. That is, take the time to sit in silence and focus on our breathing.

1st lesson offered free !

300hour registered yoga teacher☽ practice with me in the comfort of your home♡ from surrey to brighton ☼

my lessons can be whatever you want them to be, just let me know and i can tailor it to whatever you feel like doing, whether you're a beginner or a frequent yogi. we can work towards any goal you've set: strengthening your core? lets go. want to rejuvenate with some yoga nidra? you got it. have no idea what you want and wanna just do a class? i got you.

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