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Masters students with five years experience in tutoring criminology. Available to tutor those in the Greater Toronto Area and Toronto.


I approach the subject with some structure, but also some flexibility based upon the needs of the people I am assisting. A typical tutoring session will first begin with any issues/concerns you have with a specific subject within criminology, and then go about the lesson teaching whatever issues you have. We will also discuss study methods so that teaching best reflects how you learn best.


Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science, with an Honours BA in Criminology and History. Have 5 years experience in tutoring criminology students, a few of which were with clubs associated with York University, such as the Criminology Society.


Rate for online lessons : $15/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $66
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $128


Rates will depend on students level and distance traveled. I have a 24 hr. cancellation policy.

Lessons offered by Robert
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
Taught subjects
  • Academic tutoring
  • Homework help
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College
  • Adult Education

Robert's resume


September 1 2012 to April 30, 2016 York University North York, ON
• Honours BA in Criminology and History

September 1 2016 to August 31, 2018 York University North York, ON
• Masters in Political Science

Work Experience
August 1 2016 – Present ry, 22018 Promenade Mall Thornhill, ON
Sales Associate For Gymboree
• Greeted customers and determined their needs and wants. Discussed type, quality and number of merchandise required for purchase. Recommended merchandise based on customers’ requirements. Advised customers on utilization and care of merchandise. Explained the advantage of specific merchandise to customers. Answered customers’ queries and concerns. Quoted prices, discounts, and warranty terms. Prepared sales floor and accepted payment through cash, gift card, cheque, and credit card. Assisted in display and restocking of merchandise. Assisted in maintaining sales records for inventory control.

Volunteer Experience

January 1 2013 – February 16 2018 York University Toronto, ON
Political Strategist
• Develop and implement a strategic communications plan to educate the undergraduate community about the York Federation of Students (YFS) Election. Create messaging and talking points for a political party running in the YFS Election to ensure maximum voter turnout. Identify and lead response to breaking news events, often requiring sensitive judgement calls. Oversee the creation of collateral materials such as flyers and handouts that were used by organizers and volunteers. Managed shifting political priorities when promoting the party to the electorate. Developed opposition research and campaign and field strategies to increase awareness of the party’s platform to the electorate. Developed key performance metrics and evaluated the success of individual tactics as well as the overall effectiveness of the campaigns communications.

October 16 2017 – October 21 2017 York University Toronto, ON
Facility Manager
• Worked on the organization and traffic flow of 4000 plus students in their designated seats while simultaneously while also managing professors, parents, and other stakeholders. Arranged seating and equipment required in Convocation convention room and provided assistance to public and staff.

September 1 2017 – August 31 2018 York University Toronto, ON
Vice President of Events and Equity for Students For Games
• Responsible for marketing, planning and carrying out weekly club events. Ensured that locations and entertainment were booked for events and cleanup was completed. Responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies, such as posters and the planning of all major club events and worked with appropriate Executive Council members for non-major club events. Responsible for addressing any and all concerns or questions posed by members. Researched and implemented potential areas of improvement in terms of club policies, promotional materials, items and other materials to increase membership and success of an event hosted by the club. Responsible for keeping records for the club. Promoted to the clubs Executive Council initiatives and activities that aimed to raise awareness of and prevent discrimination within the club. Responsible for observing all activities of the Executive Council and those supported by the Executive Council to ensure that they were not exclusionary or discriminatory in nature and addressed any problems as they arose.

September 1 2017 – April 30 2018 York University Toronto, ON
Academic Director of the Criminology Society of York University
• Assist with holding weekly study sessions for first and second year criminology students, while also plan and implement exam and writing sessions to aide in the academic success of first and second year students. Helped with organizing and implementing an academic conference.

September 1 2015 – April 30 2018 York University Toronto, ON
Student Engagement Facilitator
• Assisted first year criminology and political science students develop active roles in developing their own academic skills by providing one-on-one instruction and practice for specific academic skills. Assessed learning needs, created individualized plans of study for mentees and monitoring student progress, while also assisting mentees who had non-standard learning aptitudes become aware of their strengths and challenges and the relationship between these and their academic performance.

September 1 2015 – May 31 2016 York University Toronto, ON
Student Relation Facilitator
• Worked with potential students to explain what life as a student is like and to encourage them to apply to university, while also conducting campus tours and activities for prospective students, school groups and parents/guardians to assist them in exploring university life and applying to university.

June 1 2013 – August 31 2015 Southlake Regional Health Centre Newmarket, ON
Rolling Recreational Assistant
• Assisted patients in a friendly manner to participate in activities to a level that is possible for the benefit of their social, physical and emotional needs, while adapting activities. To encourage patient rehabilitation and care, communication was maintained regularly with staff and patients, while also keeping confidentiality when needed to provide a safer environment for patients to have their individual needs met.
Residential Care Village Friendly Visitor
• Acted as a friendly visitor to residents via a “one to one” approach that aided their quality of life. Required to be friendly and adaptable to recognized and tailor activities to the needs of visited patients.
Ambulatory Treatment Centre – Admitting
• Provided assistance with the care of patients in Ambulatory Day Care that were Pre and post-surgery and assisted with maintaining a communication link with the family members and physicians with minimum or no supervision.
• Provided customer service (such as requiring to answer questions for patients in an accurate and prompt manner), was an ambassador of first impressions of Southlake, and provided directional assistance to specific area(s) of the hospital and Medical Arts building as required.

July 1 2011 – July 16 2011 Camp Counselor Newmarket, ON
• Collaborated with four other staff members and individually created activities for participants, so that participants had both a safe and favorable time, while also responded to parents concerns through direct contact and telephone.

• College Life Academic Coordinator Award (2015-16)
- Given for outstanding contribution & leadership in McLaughlin College Peer Mentor Program
• Golden Character Award (2018)
- Given for outstanding contribution & leadership in the Criminology Society

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