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« Allen has a vast and multi-dimensional experience in the retail and... More »
« Allen has a vast and multi-dimensional experience in the retail and inpatient practice settings. Further, he has the ability to share and relate his experience with students in manner that is engaging, informative and entertaining. Allen genuinely enjoys teaching and mentoring his students; he takes great pride in their accomplishments and establishes life long relationships. »
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Math & Pharmacy Tech Exam Tutor. Portland area. By a sharp, retired pharmacist. 63 years experience. Working on PhD in Ed degree. Need a little extra dough.


I have been tutoring others, especially in Math/Pharmacy, since I was 7 years old. I was used by my teachers to control my ADD and for my gregarious nature. 3 years as Math major before transfer to Pharmacy School. Also BS Microbiology and MS Pharmacy degrees. Currently working on my PhD in Ed, emphasis on teaching the gifted and talented. My thesis surrounds concept that there are 44 ways to teach a subject. Last 10 years teaching/counseling/tutoring junior high/high school/college students. Expert Mentor on Pharmacy Tech National Exams (PTCB and ExCPT). One fee ($300.00) = Guarantee support till Certified.


Formal Biographical Data (Resume) available upon request. Describes both formal and informal teaching activities dating back to 1971. Primarily as a Pharmacy Tech Trainer, but have worked as Instructor providing education to all levels of society within the medical community (healthcare professionals, patients, and their families). Over the last 10 years, have taught within formal confines of high school, professional technical (vo-tech) schools, colleges and universities. includes Idaho State University, Boise State University, Carrington College, BrownMackie (Art Institutes), and ITT Technical Institute. Philosophy: Never give up. Persistence, determination, and completion of task do pay off - - not only in personal satisfaction, but also Self-Esteem. I am a Babyboomer grandfather who appreciates and can relate to the Millennial generation.


Rate for online lessons : $30/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $160
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $300


Prices are negotiable for type and level of class, closeness to Gladstone, and total number of classes desired.

Lessons offered by Allen
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • MBA

Allen's resume


I have recently relocated to Oregon to be closer to family. As a Boise Valley pharmacy practitioner for 45 years, I have had an opportunity to educate, counsel and serve in a variety of healthcare and educational settings. My emphasis of practice was clinical pharmacy and behavioral medicine in institutional care settings, but I have served as clinician, caregiver and educator in literally all levels of healthcare settings. In addition to past employment experience, please note I have included my involvement in local and national pharmacy organizations and volunteer work. I have truly enjoyed my career in pharmacy, as a provider of healthcare education and counseling to patients, their families and other healthcare providers/students. As a recently retired pharmacist, it is now my current ambition to remain active within the medical and education community. As my resume indicates, I feel comfortable and fully capable of serving as a Math/Science Educator in any setting. In addition, I am acutely aware of the student’s needs and strive to serve as teacher, counselor, and mentor. Finally, I attempt to remain abreast of the latest advances in education and counseling. This coincides with my graduate studies at Idaho State University, as I seek my Doctorate in Education with an emphasis on the gifted and talented student. I hope to maintain my life long approach of helping others who are less fortunate, through a simple, friendly and patient approach to the support and education of those around me.


Degree: Institution: Years:
BS to EdD Candidate Idaho State University 2014-Present
College of Education (currently Senior BS Ed student)
Idaho Teaching Certificate University of Idaho 2015
ASHP Leadership Training Program American Society of 2005
Health-System Pharmacists
MS, Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Rhode Island 1973-1975
Residency in Hospital Pharmacy Rhode Island Hospital 1971-1972
(Accredited by American Society (affiliate of Brown University
of Health System Pharmacists) School of Medicine)
BS, Pharmacy Idaho State University 1968-1971
BS, Microbiology Idaho State University 1968-1971
Pre-Pharmacy Requirements University of Idaho 1965-1968
High School Diploma Nampa (Idaho) Senior High School 1961-1965


Spouse: Suzanne Children: John (son) and Crystal Marc (deceased) and Lori (daughter-in-law)
(Both graduates of Portland State University) Grandchildren: Ella and Paige

Interests & Recreation: Grandparenting, Teaching and Mentoring, Healthcare, Grant Writing, Volunteerism,
Sports (Track and Field), and Traveling. (Goal: Visit all 50 States. Status: completed 47/50)


Capitol Pharmacy Association, Executive Director (since 1992)
Coordinator of Health Care Educational Programs and Website Development.
Providing required continued education to Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and other health care professionals in
Boise Valley. Provided over 400 presentations over past 25 years) ( (concealed information) )

Consultive Pharmacy Services of Oregon and Idaho, President (since 1976)
Consultant to pharmacies, institutional settings (hospitals), ambulatory care and long term medical facilities
(including nursing home care and correctional facilities)
Guest lecturer and educator
Counselor, Mentor, and Tutor
Relief and part time pharmacist (Past)
Research Grant Writing and Scholarship Applications

Idaho State University College of Pharmacy (since 1975)

Student, College of Education (Status: Senor)
Adjunct Faculty, Clinical Pharmacy Program
Preceptor and Mentor to potential and on-going ISU College of Pharmacy students
Guest lecturer on Clinical Pharmacy Services and Volunteerism
ISU College of Pharmacy Dean’s Advisory Panel Member (past Chairman)

Idaho State Society of Health-System Pharmacists (since 1975)
Past President (1977 and 1986)
Past Education Committee member
Past Research and Education Foundation Chairman
Present Pharmacy in Idaho Historian and lecturer
Health Care Logistics (since 2005)
Patented Inventor and royalty’s recipient. (The IV Inspection Box)
Advisor and Guest Lecturer, USP 795, 797, 800, 803 Pharmacy Product Formulation, Sterility and Quality Assurance


Formal Teaching Activities outside the Healthcare Field and within the following types of Educational Levels includes:

Grade Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Junior Colleges
Colleges and Universities (Non-Profit and For Profit)
State and Federal Agencies
Special Education Facilities
Professional and Technical (Vo-Tech) Education

Facility or Institution: Class Taught/Activity: Year(s):
Rhode Island Hospital ASHP-Accredited Pharmacy 1971-1972
Technician Training Program (Instructor)
University of Rhode Island Pharmacy Senior Dispensing Lab 1973-1974
College of Pharmacy
(Graduate Assistant, Instructor)
Idaho State School and Hospital ISU College of Pharmacy 1974-1975
Clinical Rotation Site Coordinator
Idaho State School and Hospital Grant: Medication-Use Safety. 1974-1975
John Rawlings and Associates Transitioning the Mentally
Handicapped to Residential Living
Saint Lukes ISU College of Pharmacy 1975-1976
Regional Medical Center Clinical Rotation Site Coordinator
Boise Branch (evolved to full-time
ISU faculty member in hospital)
American Society of Special Interest Group (SIG) on 1975-2005
Health-System Pharmacists Geriatric Medicine (Secretary)
CMS Medication Review Process(Author)
Member (Managed Care Pharmacy)
Pharmacy Leadership Training
Pharmacy (Graduate)
Medication Reconciliation for
Transitioning Patients (Author)
USP 797 Implementation (Advisor)
Healthwise, Inc Healthwise Handbook, 1st Edition 1975-1980
Don Kemper Growing Younger, 1st Edition
(Advisor and Team Member)
Boise State University Grant: Pharmacology for Nurses 1976-1978
Department of Nursing Implement 2 credit course
Provided an opportunity to update
RN’s returning to practice or LPN’s
who did not receive it in their program
Boise State University Pharmacology for Respiratory 1978-1986
College of Health Sciences Therapists (2 credits, Instructor)
Implemented 2 credit course specifically
for RT program

State of Idaho Health Department Consultant Pharmacist 1980-2000
Fritz Dixon, MD
Pharmacy Services provided to
Central District Health Department,
Southwest District Health Department
State of Idaho Department of Health
Idaho Department of Corrections

Saint Alphonsus Pharmacy Technician Training Program 1976-1986
Regional Medical Center Established, taught and obtained
Clinical Specialist Certification with State of Idaho
Board of Labor

Chairman, Patient Education Committee
(evolved to Patient TV channel, discharge
coordinators, and patient education

Member, Saint Alphonsus Pain Clinic Team
(evolved to Saint Alphonsus Pain Center)
Member, Saint Alphonsus Diabetes Education Team
(evolved to Humphreys Diabetes Center)
Member, Saint Alphonsus Nutritional Support Team
(established Total Parental Nutrition
Guidelines and Sterility Guidelines)
Member, Saint Alphonsus Oncology Team
(evolved to Saint Alphonsus Cancer Center)
Idaho State University College of Pharmacy
Clinical Rotation Site Coordinator
(evolved to full-time ISU Faculty)

Ada County Paramedics Pharmacology for Paramedics 1986-1988
(30-hour class, Instructor)

Idaho Board of Pharmacy Chairman, Advisory Committee 1980
on Continuing Education
(Developed and Implemented requirements
for Continuing Education for Pharmacists)

American Institute of Health Pharmacy Technician Training Program 1988-1992
Technology (Developed, initiated, taught., and
(now Carrington College) successfully accredited)
Adjunct Faculty for Nursing, Dental
and Physical Therapy
Guest lecturer and PAC member

ISU School of Technology Pharmacy Technician Training 1992-1993
Program Committee Member
(successful development and implementation
of correspondence course for Pharmacy Technicians)
Idaho State Board of Pharmacy Chairman, Technical Committee for 1992
Pharmacy Technicians
(Developed Statewide Curriculum Guide
for Pharmacy Technicians in Idaho)

Idaho Society of Health-System Chairman and Committee Member 2002-2007
Pharmacists (ISHP) for Education Committee
(Providing formal ACPE-Accredited
Continuing Education to Pharmacists
and Pharmacy Technicians)

Capitol Pharmacy Association, Executive Director/Program Coord 1992-Present
A Pharmacy Guild (Providing Boise Valley Pharmacists and
Technicians their Continuing Education
needs for re-licensure)

(To date, have co-coordinated and/or presented over 400 programs)

Intermountain Behavioral Behavioral Medication Instructor 2002-2010
Hospital (Providing the monitoring and
education on Psychiatric medications
to patients, families and Staff)

Pfizer Speaker Bureau Lecturer, Pfizer Delta Program 2005-2010
Dementia Education Leadership
Trainer and Educator (Alzheimer’s Disease)
Pain Management (Treatments for
Chronic Pain)

Carrington College Advisory Board Member 1992-2010
Adjunct Professor and Guest Lecturer
Pharmacy Technician Program
Medical Assistance Program
Medical Billing & Coding Program
Dental Assisting & Hygiene Programs
Nursing & LPN Bridge Program
Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

BrownMackie-Boise College Department Chairperson, Allied Health Sciences 2010-2013
Direct Supervision and Responsibility for:
Dental Assisting
Healthcare Administration Assisting
Bioscience Laboratory Technology Programs
Indirect Support for:
Surgery Technology
Occupational Assistant
Criminal Justice Programs

Renaissance High School ADA-PTE Program 2014-2015
West Ada School District Instructor, ASHP-Accredited
Pharmacy Technician Training Program

ITT Technical Institute Breckinridge School of Nursing 2013-2016
Adjunct Professor and Tutor for:
Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Terminology
Drafting and Electronic Technology School
Adjunct Professor and Tutor for:
College Math I
College Math II
Physics I

Pioneer Pacific College Healthcare and Nursing Programs 2016-2017
Adjunct Professor, Tutor and Counselor for:
Anatomy and Physiology I - IV
Pharmacology I – II
Medical Math and Calculations
Healthcare Administration


Aseptic Technique and Infection Control Medical Math and Calculations (Nursing)

Anatomy and Physiology I Medical Records Keeping (Electronic)

Anatomy and Physiology II Medical Terminology

Biology, Basics of Micro I Basics of Microbiology

Biotechnology I, Basics of Micro II Advanced Micro and Pathology

Biotechnology II, Advanced Pharmacokinetics, Basics of

College Mathematics I (Algebra and Geom) Pharmacology I Pharmacology (Part I)

College Mathematics II (Trig and Calculus) Pharmacology II Pharmacology (Part II)

Healthcare Aspects of Aging (Gerontology) Pharmacology and Human Diseases
for the Health Occupations
Healthcare Sciences, Introduction to Pharmacy Math I (Pharmacy Technicians)

Human Diseases (Pathology) Pharmacy Math II (Pharmacokinetic
Dosing and Monitoring)
Management of Healthcare Personnel Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Medication Administration Training Pharmacy Technician Training Program ("Pass Med Class") (ACPE and ASHP Accredited)

Medical Assisting Program Pharmacy Technology
(Compounding, Sterile and Non-Sterile)
Medical Billing and Coding Physics I, Introduction to Physics

Medical Ethics Research Methods in Medicine I

Medicine (Senior Pharmacy Student Statistics (for Medical Professionals)
Dispensing Lab)

*(1973-2016) Above courses were taught at one or more of the following Institutions:

Ada County Paramedics Training Center Intermountain Hospital
Boise State University ITT Technical Institute
BrownMackie College Pioneer Pacific
Carrington College, DeVry (formerly AIHT) Saint Alphonsus RegMedCtr
Central District Health Department Saint Lukes Reg Med Ctr
Idaho State University College of Pharmacy Sun Valley Institute (ISHP)
Idaho State Corrections Facility Univ of Rhode Island
College of Pharmacy
Idaho State School and Hospital West Ada PTE Program


Title: Year(s):
Roche Research Grant in Hospital Pharmacy Award 1974
Secretary, ASHP SIG on Geriatric Pharmacy 1975
ASHP Research and Education Foundation Award 1978
for Achievement in the Professional Practice of Hospital Pharmacy
-Deemed by many pharmacy leaders as the most prestigious annual award in the profession of Pharmacy
Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacist of the Year 1979
Chairman, Idaho Board of Pharmacy Advisory Committee on 1980
Continuing Education

Geigy Leadership Award 1980
President, Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists 1981, 1988
ISU College of Pharmacy Service Award 1984
ASHP Special Interest Advisory Council Member (Managed Care Pharmacy) 1988
President, Idaho State University Alumni Association 1990
Idaho Board of Pharmacy Advisory Committee
for Pharmacy Technicians, Member 1992
Executive Director, Program Director and Website Coordinator,
for Capitol Pharmacy Association ( (concealed information) ) 1992-Present
ASHP Pharmacy Leadership Training Program, Graduate 2003

-Award given in conjunction with ISHP presentation naming “Paul Allen Frisk, Father of Clinical Pharmacy in Idaho”

ISHP Research in Excellence Award (The USP 797 Inspection Process) 2007
Chairman and Committee Member, ISHP Education Committee 2005-2010


Rob Robichaud, MSHRM, PHR, SHRM-CP (Carrington College, BrownMackie College, Argosy)

Director of Human Resources, Western Window Services
Phoenix, AZ
(concealed information) (concealed information))
((concealed information))

Robert Fischer, RPh (Idaho State university)
Director of Pharmacy, Weiser Memorial Hospital
Weiser, Idaho
(concealed information)
(concealed information)

Bruce Hanebutt, RPh (Intermountain Behavioral Hospital)
Director of Pharmacy, MWI Animal Health Services
Nampa, Idaho
(concealed information)
(concealed information)

Michael Griffiths, RPh (Capitol Pharmacy Association)
Pharmacy Director, Outpatient Pharmacy Services, Saint Lukes Health System
Meridian, Idaho
(concealed information)
(concealed information)
(Additional references or information available upon request) (concealed information)sff

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Allen has a vast and multi-dimensional experience in the retail and inpatient practice settings. Further, he has the ability to share and relate his experience with students in manner that is engaging, informative and entertaining.
Allen genuinely enjoys teaching and mentoring his students; he takes great pride in their accomplishments and establishes life long relationships.


I hired Allen as my evening and weekend pharmacist over 20 years ago at a psychiatric hospital in Boise where I was the Director of Pharmacy Services. He worked for me in that position for many years and was a great asset to me and the hospital because of his dedication, professionalism, and knowledge base. It was because of our professional relationship that my wife and I became friends with Allen and his wife Sue. Allen has been involved in a teaching career the past 5 years or so teaching pharmacy technician, nursing, math, biology, pharmacology, and other classes he can detail. He has a great way of relating to students and helping them succeed in their classwork. I highly recommend Allen based on my extended professional relationship and friendship with him. I wish him good will and success in his continued teaching career.

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