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Mathematical Physics researcher (NASA alum) with 20 years math tutoring experience uses active learning (e.g. Socratic method) online and in Oakland, CA


I just moved here. So, I am starting cheap ($20/hr) to fill up my schedule. I'm pretty sure it is the cheapest rate around. I am a mathematical physics researcher (with degrees in both math and physics). I have been tutoring for 20 years. I tutor almost all undergraduate math and physics classes and some graduate courses.

Also, I am well aware of many different learning strategies as I have overcome extreme ADHD over the years (I am not even remotely as bad as I used to be), and over the past 5 yrs I have been using a wide variety of strategies to overcome my dyslexia and memory deficits. I have also been researching how to improve all aspects of learning ability in general for a long time. So, for any student, I can provide many options from the start and try alternatives as we go. And, I have a niche regarding students with learning disabilities. I am very keen on noticing ambiguities and misunderstandings in communication (and on handling them) in real time. I spent over ten years working in sales and bartending/table-waiting and management at these jobs. As a result of working full time at one job for at least a year while simultaneously sampling/cycling through 2-4 jobs at a time, I have worked over sixty of these types of jobs where building communication and interpersonal skills is incentivized. So, I am good at finding students' interests in an area (sometimes that they were not previously aware of) and keeping them engaged (I can repackage ideas/concepts in a light that is familiar/desirable with respect to their interests and experience). I am good at drawing analogies with other areas of study (this is an integral part of my future in category theory), summarizing at every step, and diagnosing what needs be elaborated. And, in each homework exercise, I provide multiple ways to solve the problem where possible. I stay aware of what level of technical language and concepts is over the student's head, and determining weaknesses in prerequisite knowledge and skills for the class content at hand. I am extremely patient, unassuming, approachable, good-humored and open-minded. As thorough as I am, I am aware of when I being redundant or time inefficient.


Education is extremely important to me. This is a huge part of why I am pursuing studies of applications of category theory (particularly the teachings of Professor Baez, and more particularly his teachings about teaching, and even more particularly in reference to how category theory can help). This also played an important role in my choosing to pursue the research I did at Caltech. I believe our education system is overdue for some serious updates. Educators are starting to teach calculus to low-income neighborhood grade school children. Areas of mathematics and physics that are currently spoken of as the most difficult to grasp, I am quite sure are being inadvertently and unnecessarily being made and/or mistaken as inaccessible, and one of my top missions in life is to help correct this. I hope this makes clear both how dedicated and confident I am in this regard.

As I said above, education is deeply important to me. But to clarify, this is not to say my passion is only focused on the education system. I am very dedicated to my students as well. I am very well aware of what it takes to succeed in academia and in industry. I have attended tons of professional development presentations, seminars, and panels (as part of my many research and/or scholarship programs), talked to many professors and professionals, and learned the nooks and crannies of "the system". I am well connected and have a lot of resources on and off campus. My intention is to help everyone I invest my time in to make aware of all the time-saving and many otherwise helpful things it took years for me to find out. Ultimately, I want all the people I have invested time into to succeed in major ways (as I know everyone can) not only for themselves, but for what I wish to accomplish in the far future, having this network of accomplished individuals in vastly different areas will be of great value (especially via category theory for those who pick it up).


Transportation Fee : $10
Rate for online lessons : $30/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $180
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $300


If there is particularly challenging content, or if I have an off day, I will give a discount.

Lessons offered by Joseph
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Logic
  • Precalculus & Calculus
  • All Levels

Joseph's resume

You can find the nice resume that this was copied and pasted from at my LinkedIn at the Linkedin url followed by /in/joseph-park-(concealed information)

University of Florida Gainesville, FL
B.S. – Mathematics With Honors Graduated December, 2016
B.A. – Physics With Honors Graduated December, 2016
GPA: Overall: 3.8/4.0 – Mathematics: 3.7/4.0 – Physics: 3.8/4.0
Relevant Courses:
Graduate Quantum Field Theory 1& 2 Graduate Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics (Group Theory, Grand Unified Theories, String Theory) Graduate Mathematical Methods for Physicists 1 Graduate Complex Analysis Graduate Numerical Linear Algebra
Mathematics Research (mathematical physics) Number Theory Advanced Calculus 1&2 (taught as Real Analysis from Rudin book) Abstract Algebra Linear Algebra Mathematical Logic
Quantum Mechanics 2 Statistical Physics Individual Work (computational physics research)
Electromagnetism 1&2 Mechanics 1&2 Modern Physics
Thermal Physics Philosophical Logic History of Science
Various Biophysics Topics via Biophysical Society Summer Course
Relevant Courses Audited:
Graduate General Relativity 1& 2 Graduate Real Analysis (Second Year) Graduate Optical Effects in Solids
Graduate Mathematical Methods for Physicists 2 Graduate Numerical Analysis
Philosophy of Spacetime Philosophy of Natural Science Epistemology
Hillsborough Community College Tampa, FL
A.A. Engineering With Honors GPA: 3.7/4.0 Graduated August, 2010
Relevant Courses:
Physics 1&2 and labs Chemistry 1&2 and labs Differential Equations AP Credit for Calculus 1-3 and Biology 1
Programming Logic Earth Science Public Speaking Ethics
Professional Affiliations and Awards
Merit/Competition-Based Awards and Honors
McNair Scholars (Research Program) Florida Space Grant Consortium’s Internships at NASA Centers (Research Program)
University Scholars Program (Research Program) Biophysical Society Summer Course (Research Program)
Johnson Scholarship CS3LD
Trottman Scholarship President’s Honor Roll (UF)
Dean’s List (UF and HCC) University Math Society (UF): Vice-President
Society of Physics Students (UF): Webmaster University Philosophy Society (UF): Secretary
Society of Physics Students (HCC): Vice-President Students For the Environment (HCC): Secretary
Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honors Society: Inductee Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society: Inductee
Golden Key International Honor Society: Inductee Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society: Inductee
Phi Theta Kappa (community college) Honor Society: Inductee Robert Long Prize (Best Paper in Philosophy or History of Mathematics, Undergraduate or Graduate)
4th Place University of Florida Integration Bee Graduated with Honors (UF and HCC: Math, Physics, and Engineering)
AP Scholar Travel Award for ASPiRE 2015 Mathematics Conference: Presenter
Relevant Affiliations and Professional Development
University Pre-Ph.D. Association: Member
American Association for the Advancement of Science: Member
American Physical Society: Member
Biophysical Society: Member
Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy: Member
Wide variety of professional development classes via the above listed “Research Program[s]”
Presentations and Outreach
2015 Florida Undergraduate Philosophy Conference: Presenter
Florida Undergraduate Research Conference 2015: Presenter
UF Council of Undergraduate Research Fall Symposium: Presenter
NASA Goddard Center Science Jamboree: Presenter
University of Florida McNair Fall Symposium: Presenter
Biophysical Society poster sessions and platform presentations: Presenter
NASA Wallops Flight Facility poster session: Presenter
Dokholyan Lab Journal Club (everyone presents): Member
University Philosophy Society Journal Club (everyone presents): Member
2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress: Exhibitor
NASA’s Inspire the Next Generation: Exhibitor
Teaching Experience
Freelance Tutoring 1996-Current
 The undergraduate math and physics courses listed above
 All high school math and physics courses
 Logic (mathematical, philosophical, informal, and programming)
 Standardized testing
Regional Sales Manager, Express Glass, Pensacola, FL 2001 – 2003
 Gained leadership, communication, and teaching skills by motivating, training, and supervising employees
 Gained problem-solving communication skills through managing, training salesmen, and selling
Tutor and Computer Lab Supervisor, Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, FL 2001
 Gained communication and teaching skills by assisting students with software, programming, math, and miscellanea
Various Bartending, Table-waiting, and Sales Positions 2000 - 2010
 Exercised one-on-one instruction skills by training employees
 Exercised one-on-one communication skills by bartending, table-waiting, and selling
Group Instruction
Lecturing 2013-current
 GRE Physics Subject Test
 GRE Mathematics Subject Test
Personal Training and Sales Manager, Body of Change, Bensalem, PA 2007 – 2008
 Gained leadership, communication, and teaching skills by performing presentations, instructing classes, training clients, and interviewing clients and employees
 Gained problem-solving communication skills through managing, personal training, and selling
 Gained organizational skills
 Instructed also in one-on-one settings via personal training and training employees
Wrestling Coach, Robinson High School, Tampa, FL 1998 – 2003
 Exercised group instruction skills by demonstrating and explaining wrestling moves and drills, as well as follow-ups wherein I point out common pitfalls, counters,
psychology and where I see wrestlers going wrong
Various Bartending, Table-waiting, and Sales Positions 2000 - 2010
 Exercised public speaking skills by waiting large tables and banquets (corporate events and weddings), as well as pitching sales to groups
Research Experience
Quantum Gravity with Mathematical Physics Professor Matilda Marcolli, Caltech Summer 2015
 Funded by McNairs Scholars
 Worked in many subject areas of math and physics (including noncommutative geometry, loop quantum gravity, category theory, quantum statistical mechanics)
Computational Climate Science with NASA Research Scientist Tiffany Moisan, Wallops Flight Facility Summer 2014
 Funded by the Florida Space Grant Consortium’s NASA Internship (concealed information)
 Worked on three research projects
o Forecasting local air temperature for 2025
o Deriving equations for dependence of increase in lightning frequency on local climate change
o Phytoplankton Dynamics using Ocean Color Satellites
 Read a graduate level statistics textbook on time series analysis and forecasting
 Developed time series analysis methods for very nonstandard data
 Currently publishing results as first author of the forecasting project, certain results in NASA Technical Memorandum and then others in peer-reviewed journal
Mathematical Physics with Mathematical Physics Professor Sergei Shabanov, University of Florida Spring 2013 – Fall 2016
 Funded by the University Scholars Program and McNair Scholars (concealed information) (concealed information)
 Derived from basic principles the work of my advisor on electromagnetic bound states in the radiation continuum for a double array of dielectric cylinders in vacuum
 Solved the case where vacuum is replaced with elastic solid and dielectric is replaced with a different elastic solid
 Read many relevant papers and books on mathematical physics, scattering, electrodynamics, optics, acoustics, and elastodynamics
 Submitting to peer-reviewed journal
Computational Biophysics with Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics Nikolay Dokholyan, UNC – Chapel Hill Summer 2013
 Funded by Biophysical Society Summer Course (concealed information)
 Gained and implemented knowledge of analysis and computational methods and software used in the study of molecular dynamics in allostery for two different projects
 Attended their classes on biophysics
Computational High Energy Physics with Theoretical Physics Professor Konstantin Matchev, University of Florida Summer – Fall 2012
 Gained and implemented knowledge of analysis, statistical, simulation and otherwise computational methods used in the study of particle decay chains
Computational High Energy Physics briefly with Experimental Physics Professor Darin Acosta, University of Florida Spring 2012
 Gained knowledge of the electronic trigger system for the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) Experiment at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN
Computational Astrophysics with Theoretical Physics Professor Bernard Whiting, University of Florida Summer 2011 – Spring 2012
 Programmed trajectory simulations and checked analytically
 Gained and implemented knowledge of undergraduate Mechanics 1, 2, and graduate level before taking undergraduate Mechanics 1
 Received an A in the associated research course PHY4905
Philosophy of Physics
 Worked independently on a paper that can be categorized under philosophy of physics as well as logic
 Submitting to peer-reviewed journal
 Submitted my independently written, philosophy-based allegory to Harn Museum's Words on Canvas Writing Competition.
 Submitting for publication
Computer Skills
MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, R, Haskell, Lisp, Scala, Python, C, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Enthought Canopy, TensorFlow, Java, Javascript, HTML, Pymol, VMD, CalcHEP,
ROOT, Excel, Power Point, LaTeX, Windows, Mac, Linux, shell scripting, statistics, data analysis and visualization, time series analysis and forecasting, numerical analysis,
algorithms, computer simulation and modeling, machine learning

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Perfect! Good math teacher, learned a lot, thank you!

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