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Native Speaker. Specialist Teacher. Language trainer. Conversational and technical Spanish. Training for exams

B.Ed in Spanish Linguistics and Literature. Five years of full-time specialized studies and teaching training.
Several courses and workshops related to Spanish teaching, grammar and Linguistics.

Methodology: Cognitive approach. Language coaching. Applied neurolinguistics. Focus on oral expression and reading. E-learning. Fun

Beginners to intermediate students: 20$/h (60min)

Advance/Oral expression training/ reading comprehension training/ specialized training: 25$/h (60 min)

I teach oral expression - spanish, oral comprehension - spanish, writing comprehension - spanish, writing expression - spanish. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, advanced technical certificate, college, adult education, ilr level 5, beginner, intermediate, advanced
I give lessons exclusively by webcam.
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The 4 reviews on Paul
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1 evaluation


Perfect! Paúl is a great tutor. He kept the lessons interesting and easy to follow. I was able to ask questions without hesitation. He has a great system in place for scheduling/rescheduling sessions. I had requested tutoring on a specific chapter for a test. The lessons were planned according to the chapter in question. In the end not only did I understand the material but I also made an A on the test!


Elizabeth is a college student taking some courses in Spanish syntax and grammar. We have been working for four weeks, focusing on Elizabeth's skills for analyzing sentences using syntax tree, and also studying advance aspects of Spanish grammar. She is a very patient girl with a strong willing for learning, always asking good questions and focused on building the best knowledge she can. A very satisfying experience. Hope to keep working with her.

3 recommendations


Paul has been my spanish teacher for just about three months. He is one of the most knowledgable and patient and encouraging teachers I have ever had. He has a special ability to assess levels and tailor instruction that both builds on my strengths and helps me grow in areas where I am weak. He keeps learning fun no he normalizes struggle. He has taken extra steps to keep me dedicated to the slow steady learning process that is necessary when learning a language. After three months I have noticed a big improvement in my language skills.


I have known Paul for 2 years. He is an excellent teacher and professional. I've worked with him while he was a Spanish teacher at an International School. His love of literature and the Spanish language shined and the students learned a lot from him. Paul also tutored me in Spanish. I had prior knowledge of Spanish but he ensured that I spoke as much Spanish as possible when we were speaking one on one. This really made my Spanish much stronger and I was able to converse more easily when speaking with people.

I am sure that Paul would be an excellent Teacher for anyone who is interested. He is very knowledgeable and committed to excellence in all that he does. I have no hesitation to recommend him as a trustworthy teacher. I have recommended him to my friends in the past and I would recommend him again.


He has a solid knwoledge about Spanish grammar, vocabulary and the different styles of Spanish language in the world. He showed me methods to mantain the coherence of a text in Spanish and give me useful techniques for comprehensive reading. He use different instructional techniques to teach and assest accordingly to the student level and personal way of learning.

Besides, is a very kind person, have a lot of patience and always pay attention to student's needs.

Paul's Experience

+8 years teaching in schools, which include international education (American k12) and local public and private system.
+5 years training students for examinations as SAT, Selectividad and other standardized tests.
-5 years working with adults as a private tutor (focused in English and Chinese speakers).

Paul's resume

B.Ed in Spanish, Literature and Latin language

Spanish grammar | Linguistics | Philosophy of language | Latin America literature |
Universal literature | Logical and verbal reasoning | Reading comprehension | Planning |Curriculum development


*Academic Coordinator*
Blatin / Spanish Connector
-Head of academic staff.
-Developer of the new Spanish program adapted to the Common European
-Spanish teacher focused on English-speaking students with diverse levels of
-Used instructional technology (Moodle and Big Blue Button).
-Design and develop support material and tutorials to help students in the use of
educational technology.
-Develop support material for on-line lessons.
-Use informatics tools for daily work as Mutt, SC, Emacs, Org mode, Vim.

*Spanish / ESL Instructor*
Centro Cultural de Idiomas Rouge
-Private instructor of Spanish for Chinese-speaking students.
-ESL teacher for young learners (9-13 yro). Reduce groups: 4 students max.

*Spanish Teacher*
Escuela Campo Alegre
-Spanish courses for Middle School (grades 6-8).
-American k12 program.
-Groups consisted mostly of native speaker; other percentage (less than 10% per
class) were medium and advanced speakers.
-Used a variety of instructional strategies and assessments to provide equity and
excellence to students of all proficiency levels.

*Verbal and Logical Reasoning*
Pensum Institute
-Teacher for freshman and high school students.
-Program focused on the development of linguistic, reading and interpretation
-Prepared students for national (Venezuela) and international college entrance
exams as Spanish SAT and Selectividad (Spain).
-Worked with other teachers to develop support material for lessons and

*Philosophy and Literature Teacher*
Private School San José de Tarbes
-Teacher for high school students (Venezuelan national program).
-Designed special seminars to engage students with philosophical concepts and
methods of questioning.
-Created workshops to study ways to interpret literature from different
-Focused on aesthetic appreciation of Literature, reading comprehension and
writing skills (especially academic essay).

*Reading Workshop*
School Santiago de León de Caracas
-Instructor for Middle School students (grades 7-9).
-Developed strategies to help young learners to start on literary analysis.
-Focused on aesthetic appreciation of Literature and reading comprehension
(cognitive approach).
-Collected a wide amount of readings (universal Literature) and selected according
to standard reading skills by grade and complexity for literary analysis.

*Research Assistant*
Venezuelan Institute for Linguistic and Literary Research Andrés Bello
-Assistant for PhD candidates in Latin American Literature and Pedagogy of
-Discourse: collect relevant data and information. Review of written productions
according to APA style.

Fundación Correo del Orinoco
-Review of articles and news according to newspaper’s style book.


*Upgrades on new Spanish Grammar*
Venezuelan Institute for Linguistic and Literary Research Andrés Bello
Venezuela, 2012

*Poetry Workshop*
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Rómulo Gallegos
Venezuela, 2012

*Narrative Trends of XXI Century*
Escuela Contemporánea de Humanidades
Spain, 2010

*Creative Writing Workshop “Lugar Común”*
Simón Bolivar University
Venezuela, 2005/2006/2007

Spanish: native
English: fluent
Portuguese: medium
French: basic
Latin: basic

Google Docs| Google Apps| Microsoft Windows| Microsoft Office| Ubuntu| Debian|
Emacs| SC| Org mode| Vim| Irssi| Mutt| Hapara| Skyward.

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