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New york city acting teacher & coach of 35 years has a process called "the character core - which helps build a natural organic & nuanced performance every time.


I am Paul J Riley - you can call me PJ. I have been teaching acting for over 35 years. I teach a process I developed called The Character Core. It helps the actor conceive of and develop an organic image of the character he/she is undertaking to produce. I use visualization and improvisation as well as a series of exercises I created to that end.
My process is used by working professional actors as a quick and decisive tool to achieve instant recognition of and ability to transform into a character at rehearsals, auditions, performance, in a few seconds and is one of the quickest and safest processes I know.

There is little if any lack of clarity for this process becomes as natural to the actor as breathing and can also serve real life problems that might be blocking continuity in life as well as on stage. I consider myself a creative life & art coach therefore and can serve the actor on many complex levels.

I am an accredited coach, director, playwright and dramaturge. Of course I began as an actor myself so i am quite aware of the pitfalls the world of theatre and film can offer. However, for any serious minded and goal oriented student with a desire to perform to their fullest potential I believe I can be of help.


I have no idea of how many students but many indeed. I am not concerned with titles, accomplishments (other than growth) as a lot of students are misinformed about what true "success" is.
I believe one should be happy - therefor one should only pursue their dreams not what others want for them or what they think they should become - but only who they are and have the courage to study a steady course for life and work.


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : $75/h


Discounts will be available per student needs TBD

Lessons offered by Paula J (PJ)
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Acting
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Paula J (PJ)'s resume

These all have been told in prior questions and answers I have given. This is and has been my life's work and my resumes and web site and soon to be published guide for actors book should serve as evidence of my capabilities.
My aim is to help the actor achieve the greatest possibility for the existence of nuance, through the
profound understanding of character development.
Over thirty five years experience in all aspects of theatrical performance and production.
Over forty years as a performer on the New York stage, screen and cabaret.
Four years creating and producing as an artistic director of a new York City performance space and acting company.
Created the mission and direction of The Spiral Theatre Studio which encompasses plays for the elderly and creating a “green”
sustainable performance space.
oversaw the promotional staff which includes strategic marketing, brand management, advertising, sales promotion
collateral and public relations.
Resurrected and built a unique stage structure called The Spiral that was utilized for The Spiral Theatre Studio performances.
(Further information about The Spiral Theatre Studio under separate cover on request).
n Experience in all office and back stage engagements including fund raising, ticket sales, set design, costume design and propping.
Over thirty years directing actors, hiring and managing staff and interns
Created a proven teaching and coaching methodology called the Primary Principals of Acting (PPA) which conforms its process to the specific needs of the actor.
Became a mentor to the creative staff while maintaining a dynamic environment that fostered growth.
Recent Experience
June 2011 to November 2014
Artistic Director with The Spiral Theatre Studio, an off-off Broadway non-profit, equity performance space and repertory company.
Produced seven main stage theatrical productions, five readings and three celeberty interview events within a ten month time span.
Created a performance series called Salt & Pepper, which addresses the needs of older actors, playwrights and patrons. Produced
five plays in that genre.
Designed and built an intimate “gray-box” performance space within Paul Michael’s The Network. The revised space was utilized by other theatre companies, play festivals, acting teachers/coaches, seminar productions, film production studios and was a host
space for parties and meetings. The space became a profit generator for The Network.
Worked as a director, and actor. Oversaw stage manager, set designer, photographer and costumer for the seven theatrical
Started a small business in an uncertain economy and saw increased interest across a three year time span.
Implement day-to-day operations such as: fund raising, new business development, studio promotion and public relations.
April 2009, to June 2011
Artistic Director with New Heights Productions, a for-profit theatrical company.
Produced a profitable AEA off-broadway main stage play for a three week run.
Implemented all day-to-day creative and business operations.
January 2004 to present
Acting Coach and Theatrical Director
n Taught scene study and monologue techniques to over five hundred students.
n Instructed students within the PPA process.
n Created and implemented six From Scratch To Script Workshops and It’s All Relative Showcase Productions for students that performed in front of industry.
(Resume on request).
April 1996 to Present
Performed in over fifty stage and screen productions
(Resume on request).
John Stix, H.B. Studios, Acting • Iza Itkin, Chamber Theatre Repertory, Acting • Les Sanford Studio, Dance
Joe Stewart, Singing • Luigi Jazz Center, Dance • Seth Barrish, Barrow Group, Acting • Robert Murdock, Voice
Marnie Nixon, Singing • Joanne Camp, Shakespeare
Member of SAG-after Actors Equity. Member of League of Professional Theatre Women. Past member of The Players Club. Past member
of Theatre Resources Unlimited (TRU)
Paula J Riley
em: (concealed information)
Web: (concealed information)

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