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  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Organic chemistry
  • Biochemistry
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Organic Chemistry - Incline Village / B.S. in Biology and Biochemistry, Minor in MMI


I have a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Biochemistry and a minor in Molecular Biology and immunology from University of Nevada, Reno. In addition to my scientific background I have certifications in Oracle SQL, MySQL, Google Suites, and Microsoft Suites. All of which, I possess exceptional proficiency in.


I have extensive inorganic and organic chemistry laboratory experience. I have also taught as a T.A. for the Microbiology Lab for 2 years at UNR as well. I am currently certified in excellent ability with Oracle SQL,MySQL,Looker API,Google Suites, and Microsoft Suites. The aforementioned skills are with respect to currently being a Business Data Analyst.


Transportation Fee : $30
Rate for online lessons : $15/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $85
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $175
Lessons offered by Nik
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Organic chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Primary School
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Adult Education

Nik's resume

Nikolaus Allen Marsh

597 Rockrose Court Age:10/27/90
Incline Village, NV 89451 Degree: B.S. in Biology/ Minor in Biochemistry College: University Of Nevada Reno
Cell: (concealed information)

Current: Business Analytics/ Data Science for Grand Rounds
Recent graduate of University of Nevada, Reno with a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. Began an internship with a healthcare company named Grand Rounds, as a Case Assigner. During said time I redesigned our assignment system to utilize the query API we use which is Looker. Prior to me starting at Grand Rounds all case load management was done manually in Google Sheets. I used our database API to build a real-time case tracker which we heavily rely on to this day because of the real-time data it can provide without any manual effort on our end. For redesigning the entire assignment system, I was flown to Maine to train my successors in case assignment to use my more streamlined process.
Currently I work with the Business Analytics Team by showing extreme aptitude for the knowledge and skillsets required to be on said team. My duties on this team are quite varied compared to other positions in the company. The main amount of our time is spent writing Redshift SQL code to pull metrics data for our performance reporting to the team who we are tasked with providing their metrics packages. I work with our Clinician Team of about 70 doctors and provide end-to-end everything they need to drive metric driven performance. My exemplary analytics skills can be seen in this project where I built it so that all the reports they need are linked to one another so the data will always be in sync across different metrics reports. For efficiency, I wrote a master raw data pull query which pulled every data point we needed for all the reports at once. This data when copied into my source data sheet, will then be excised by different reports which will only take the columns they need and nothing else. The reports in this metrics package include KPI reports, heat-maps, MECE reports, individual and managerial clinician scorecards, and the main metrics package itself. This has never been accomplished before and is so efficient that the Patient Care Team will also be adopting it after Q2 this year.

This is one set of duties but many ad-hoc requests we are tasked with daily are wide and varied. I additionally have basic capabilities for statistical analysis in R as well an advanced scripting talent with Google platforms. I have written custom Gmail and Calendar export scripts to send data into a destination sheet as well as linking sheets to the Google Maps API. We are also tasked with creating quarterly ROI reports for our institutional partners; which are, Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. These are just to name a few but I regularly provide data to world renowned institutions and can perform at the highest level with integrity, accuracy, and maintain all SLAs.
With all my skills being solely self-taught or taught me from my co-workers. I can pick up any new concepts or coding languages in a few days from being asked by my manager. An example of this would be, becoming fully proficient in Redshift SQL without any prior knowledge in 3 days. I did not start out at Grand Rounds doing anything related to Business Analytics but earned a place on the team due to my passion for it and committing to teach myself all the valuable skills needed to be on the team on my own time.

Current Analytics Skills

• Extensive experience in PostgereSQL/Redshift/TransactSQL coding with advanced abilities as will in Look ML (YAML Code).
o Advanced developer skills in proofing YAML/SQL code.
• Proficient in business metrics dashboard construction in the Looker API suite.
• Extremely proficient in creating any business metrics reports in the Google Office Platforms.
• Advanced Skills in Google Scripting Language
o Examples
 Auto-timestamp functions
 Google Map Address Search from within a Google Sheet
 Auto-Delete Rows
 Appending Multiple Query Results into one output range
 Conditional Import-range functions with the use of Google Query API
 Custom Business Hours Function accounting for hours, weekends, and holidays from datediff calculations.
 Real-Time metrics reports that will entirely change on the fly from referencing one cell
 Conditional Automatic format adjustment
• Advanced Skills with Vonage Telesphere Business Metrics API
• Advanced Skills with Zendesk Ticketing System from an Administrator Role
o Proficient in Zendesk Metrics Reporting/ Zendesk Insights platforms
• Proficient in data reclamation from SQL Servers.
• Basic Capabilities in R Statistical API
• Advanced Query Construction Skills
• Advanced Mathematical Statistics Skills and formula construction
• Extremely Advanced Custom Formula Creation Skills in Google Sheets
• Highly Advanced Skills in unique problem solving skills concerning custom query requests, reports, and development requests.
• Advanced Skills with Data Refinement / Reclamation with the use of Open Refine
• Proficient in GitHub use from CMD Line.
• Extremely Proficient at Business Reporting Automation with the use of query APIs.
• Highly Advanced Auditing Skills
o Grammar and Spelling
o HIPAA Compliance
o Federal/State Compliance
o Performance SLA Proofing
o CV Sheet Fact Checking
o Investigation of breaches in SLA or HIPAA
o Auditing for SOP being observed
o Advanced Knowledge of trend examination in Big Data Pulls
o Advanced Skills in Training New Staff Members
• Beginning Skills in Ruby and RubyOnRails

Other interests/Accomplishments

· Interested In Orthopedics/ Pre-Med until completion of undergraduate coursework.
· Certified in First-Aid and CPR, knowledgeable in the areas of commonly used taping techniques and care and prevention of athletic injuries.
· BLS certified for Healthcare providers in CPR/AED and First Aid. (Current Certification).
· Member of Carson High Link Crew (Leadership Training)
· Very Skillful in Leadership, Impromptu Planning and Leading
· Participate in Carson High Academic Team. The sole purpose behind this program is to acclimate the incoming freshman to their new environment in the High School and give them guidance.
· Acolyte at local Lutheran Church 2002-2008
· County and State Delegate to the Nevada Republican Party 2008
· Participated in local food drives 2002-present
· Member of The National Society of High School Scholars
· One of my Poems is being published in the book “Immortal Verses”
· Volunteer in Food Drives with local Church 2002-2005
· Volunteer at the McCain/ Dean Heller field office in Reno, Nevada.
· Took honors and AP courses at Carson High School
· Master Mason at Carson Lodge #1 in Carson City, NV
· Currently a Volunteer as a Patient Assistant at Tacoma General ER
· 2.5 Years volunteering (Can provide certificate of hours upon request)
· Proficient in all Microsoft Office 2013 Suite Programs
· Belltower Books Buyer Spring 12’
· Extensive Lab experience in the Inorganic, Organic, and Biochemistry settings.
· Additional lab experience in the Biology, Genetics, and Virology fields.
· Winter 11’- Professional Ski Instructor at Alpental at Summit at Snoqualmie. Located in Snoqualmie Washington.
· Worked on the Romney Campaign for voter registration
· Worked 12',13’,14’, and 15’ Winter Season at Kirkwood as a Ski Instructor for the JETS Freeride Kids program.
· 1 Student is ranked in the Top 10 for the Tahoe Junior Freeride Series
· Teaching Assistant for 2 years in the Microbiology 251 Lab at University of Nevada Reno
· As with this job I am proficient in all laboratory techniques in the microbiology area. As well as Aseptic technique.
· Designed and pioneered the new training program for new incoming Lab Assistants in the Microbiology Lab by designing safety techniques and making training videos which are on YouTube for viewing.
· Member in good standing of the Kappa Sigma Tau Gamma Chapter at University of Nevada Reno.
· 3 Years of Volunteering as a Chaperone at Carson High School Safe-Grad Night
· Basic/Advanced Caregiving Training for Hospice and Elderly Centers

Work Experience
Legislative Council Bureau (Buildings and Grounds) Summer 08'
Supervisor: Matt Beaty Cell:(concealed information)
Eagle Valley Golf Course Summer 07'
Supervisor: Jon Grater
Vector Marketing Summer 09’
Karen Wirts Cell:(concealed information)
After School Teaching Assistant for PSESD Spring 10’
Megan Isakson Cell: (concealed information)
Tacoma General Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Nyman phone: (concealed information)
Ski Instructor The Summit at Alpental
Supervisor: Missy (concealed information)
Ski Instructor At Kirkwood Mountain Resort
Supervisor: Sam Mullens (concealed information)
Data Analytics/Business Analyst at Grand Rounds
Supervisor: Josh Reimer (concealed information)


Alan Power- Retired Software Engineer for Lockheed Martin (concealed information)
Alan Barichievich- Director of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Barton Memorial Hospital (concealed information)
Heath Lukatch, Ph. D. Partner at Novo Ventures Biotech Investment Firm (concealed information)
Josh Reimer – Director of Care Operations for Grand Rounds - (concealed information)
Dr. Philip Zuzolo – Staff Physician Manager for Grand Rounds – (concealed information)

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