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Pharmacy University student gives biology and chemistry lessons in Sheffield - GCSE

I am a 19 year old Pharmacy student at King's College London. I specialise in teaching up to GSCE biology and chemistry - I like to use visual representations, videos and quizzes to engange children and help them find science interesting.

I teach biology, genetics, anatomy, physiology. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

Obi's Experience

I have been a part time tutor with the London based tutor company called StudyBuddy for 9 months. Over this time I have tutored 3 students; all 3 have developed their confidence in science and one on to pass an entrance exam after newly entering the country, excel in their common entrance exam and enter a new school, and gain am advantage in their knowledge for GCSE's 2018 (respectively).

Obi's resume

2 Causeway Glade
S17 3EZ
Mobile Number: 07(concealed information)
D.O.B. 30/09/1997
Personal Summary:
I am a hard working, well presented person who thrives on new challenges and enjoys learning new skills in new environments. Working with the public is something I'm very comfortable with, and I will always put the priority of other people before my own needs. I am flexible regarding work duties and will always do my utmost best to cover any task assigned to me. I am quick to learn new skills and will always strive to complete anything I am given to the best of my abilities.
Mylnhurst Preparatory School (Sheffield): 2002-2009
Birkdale Senior School (Sheffield): 2009-2016
Kingโ€™s College London: 2016 โ€“ (2020)
Biology - A*
Chemistry - A*
Physics - A*
Mathematics - A*
English Literature - A*
English Language - A*
Spanish - A*
Geography - A*
Religious Studies - A*
Design and Technology - A
A Level:
Biology - A
Religious Studies โ€“ A (at AS)
Mathematics - B
Chemistry - B
Work Experience:
6 months at the British Heart Foundation Charity shop in Sheffield City Centre from February to August 2014. During my time, I learnt the value of positive and enthusiastic customer service and I enjoyed interacting with new people every day I worked.

1 month at the National Citizen Service scheme, a government funded voluntary programme from August-September 2014. I was put in charge of organising a community project amongst a group of peers in Sheffield I didn't know. I was in charge of managing funds and arranging equipment to clear refuse from a residential area in Sharrow and renovating a rundown park in the surrounding area. I also organised the creation of petition to put a zebra crossing on a road in Sharrow that was dangerous for children to cross. My petition gained enough signatures to arrange a meeting with a panel from Sheffield City council and I delivered a presentation to put forward my case
I acquired leadership skills from this role, and organisation skills in terms of delegating people effective roles. I greatly thrived in this position; meeting new faces and working with them day in day out was enjoyable and the satisfaction of both our projects being completed was very rewarding. Delivering a presentation allowed me to display my public speaking confidence, and having to design an attractive PowerPoint with the relevant facts required effective research and competent IT skills.

In the summer of 2016 I worked in a local GP surgery as a receptionist in a deprived area of Sheffield. My job included administrative work such as booking appointments, requesting and faxing prescriptions and scanning patient notes, as well as lots of interaction between patients to help deliver the ideal care for them. I gained a lot of experience in organisation and public interaction, especially in instances where patients were forceful/aggressive.

During my first year at University, I worked part-time as a tutor for London-based tutor company called StudyBuddy. I taught students up to GCSE, specialising in biology, chemistry and maths. Balancing this work and my degree required lots of organisation and forward planning, but I worked as a tutor for the large duration of the academic year (from November to June). I acquired a plethora of skills relating to teaching, including how to engage young students, planning work for students and reviewing homework to give useful feedback. It is a job I greatly enjoyed and took pride out of and will be continuing during my second year on a part-time basis.

I completed a 2-week placement during July in a Boots store in Sheffield. During the placement, I learnt pharmacy assistance skills including dispensing, checking and handing out prescriptions. I also learnt about the administrative side of a pharmacy operation such as logging in repeat prescriptions and making orders for new medicines. I also spent some time on the healthcare counter, interacting with customers and giving warnings and dosing information on over the counter medicines. The placement was a great insight into the role a pharmacy team play in customer care and by being involved with the team first hand I began to display the necessary skills and by the end of the 2 weeks was comfortable in a number of aspects.

Sport - I am currently a member of Sheffield Athletics Club. During primary school, I won 3 national independent schools titles for sprint distances and was Sheffield schools sprint champion for 3 years running. I have represented Sheffield in many county events and on a few occasions represented South Yorkshire on the national stage. Doing such a high pressure, individual event at young age tested and developed my temperament and ability to produce results in pressurised environment. Athletics has also helped develop my communication skills with fellow athletes and coaches. I have also become a member of the Kingโ€™s College London athletics team. I've learnt the importance and receiving constructive criticism and how to take it on board to improve.

I have also been a member of my school rugby team during the duration of my school career. The squad I was part of had several undefeated seasons and in 2016, I was a key member of the team that took Birkdale to their furthest ever position in the National 7 a side Tournament. I have a passion for team sports and being a member of a team meant I was able to develop a rapport with members of my school I wouldn't usually converse with. This became especially important in my latter years as I had a responsibility to guide and lead younger members of the squad.

I am also part of a rock band with 4 of my friends. We've played at venues such as Plug and the O2 Academy Sheffield. Playing live music is something I greatly enjoy and I have developed good co-operation skills working with a team on a weekly basis, often with different ideas of how to achieve success. However, I would always listen to the others' ideas and take them on board as we made decisions.

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