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Lessons offered by James Isaac
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  • In group
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Taught subjects
  • Photography
  • Digital photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Photo development
  • Food photography
  • All Levels

Photographer and Content Creator ready to Help you reach your Goals and start your own photographic adventure!


(Do covid-19 updates for now im giving Online classes until we can overcome the pandemic and at the same time learn something new from home)

I like it to be fun, dynamic and practical, I prefer to teach in person a thousand times, but I adapt in any way, I have a lot of patience (3 kids ) I think I haved learn it hahaha, as long as they want to learn I´ll teach, I like to assist people to be better and help achieve their goals!


I am a photographer and content creator for more than 10 years, I am a father, a friend and a really awesome dude! I started deep into all this from the age of 10, seeing nat-geo magazines and watching movies, I became a model and an actor to be involved in all visual arts and I realized that it was truly in love with it all, but I wanted to be behind the camera more than in front !

I am passionate about photography and I have dedicated and continue dedicating a lot of it day by day, just to be better, I can still help you specialize in a particular area, tell me I will help you!

you can still check my page only jamesisaacwolf .com and decide for yourself


Rate for online lessons : $40/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $200
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $350
Lessons offered by James Isaac
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Photography
  • Digital photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Photo development
  • Food photography
  • All Levels

James Isaac's resume

James Isaac Wolf (personal business and Brand)
• Visual Content Creator
• Photographer and videographer
• Storyteller
• Image produccion creator

American Frames (Panels Décor & Urban Wood & Stone) (2 Years)
• Multimedia Manager
• Art Director
• Visual Content Creator
• Project manager
• Media Planner manager
• Branding creator
• Web developer
• Photographer and videographer

Marcos Calidad (2 years)
• Marketing & Multimedia Manager
• Customer service
• Social media planner
• Project manager
• Content creator
• Video and design producer
• Community manager

Kraken Agency (Tijuana / CDMX)
• Photographer (4 years)
• Digital Photography (Portraits, Commercial, Product, Concerts, Events and Fashion,Etc.)
• Projects Logo
• Visual marketing
• Fashion Advisor
• Visual Design and Composition Coordination
• Mannequin and model stylist
• Branding and Web Developer

(SD & Mexico)

OWNER (2014- NOW)
• James Isaac Wolf (My own Personal Brand)
• Kraken Agency (actual) (Multimedia agency)
• Monster Munchies (actual)(Contract domiciliary chef services)
• Mummy Clothing (coming soon) (clothing designing)

MONSTER MUNCHIES (Tijuana & Mexico)
• OWNER (2 years)
• Chef (Specialized in Experimental Cooking)
• Preparation & Presentation

Montecristo Bar (Tijuana)
• Bartender & Creative (1 year)
• Bar Manager (2 Years)

Express Delivery (US / MEX) (6 years)
• Field supervisor
• Check Arrivals
• Home
• Installation of furniture and Audio and Video Systems
• Customs Distributor
• Translator
• Get new customers by Interne
• Agenda manager

Linens San Diego (San Diego US) (2 years)
• Interior and exterior designer
• Lighting Installation
• General decoration and table linen
• Design event (weddings, luaus, various events)
• Supervisor and Warehouse Organization

Mr. M Photo (Tijuana / CDMX)
o Personal assistant (Photographer and assessor) (3 years)
o Management of client portfolios
o Position and decorator
o Design and composition
o Publicity and promotion
o Fashion & Styling

The Back Line (CDMX) (4 years)
o Backline installation commissioned in concert
o Audio Technician
o Stage managing
o Photographs of concerts and events

Party Mixers (Tijuana)
• Operations Manager (3 years)
• Event coordinator
• Bartender
• Customer service
• Quality control (in beverages and products)
• DJ

Body By Vi (Tijuana)
o Instructor & Promoter (10 months)
 Fitness Instructor
 Life Coaching & Promoting 90 Days challenge

Mini City (Tijuana)
o Supervisor (6 months)
 General Supervisor of operation
 Manager assistance
 Capacitation of personnel
 Supervising Maintenance
 Security
 Creative assistance
 Coming with new Activities and dynamics
 Receiving merchandise
 Visual Merchandising
 Audio and video programmer
 Coaching
 In charge of 60 crew members (educational guides)

403 Films (1 year)
o (US/MEX) Booker
 Booking Crew
 Location Manager
 Extras Managing
 Catering
 Hotel reservations
 Car Rental

Bars, Clubs & Restaurants (Tijuana) (7 years)

Boa (Operational Manager & Public Relations) (3 years)
 Club manager
 Customer Service
 In charge of daily Inventory
 Receiving Product
 Promotion & Event Planning
 Audio and Video inspection
 Managing Entrance and service
 Security
 Human resources
 Personnel Training
 Capacitation to the Staff

Aquatic division by Tijuana Fire Station 10 (6 years)
o Special Forces of Rescue
 Lifeguard
 Paramedic
 Swimming, Surf and Rescue Instructor
 Fitness instructor
 Equipment Supervisor
 Tourist Security
 Confinement spaces Rescuer
 Search and Finding Victims
 Danger Analyst
 Volunteer Coaching & Trainer

Just Surf Co. (2 years)
o Owner
 Surf, Swimming and First Aid Instructor
 Activity Planner
 Kids Security
 Self Defense Instructor
 Fitness Instructor
 Employee Trainer
 In charge of 8 Instructors and 60 kids from ages between 5-18 years old

Brevno Gym (1 year)
o Gymnastics Instructor for kids ages between 3-18 years old

Artistic Work (15 years)
 Model
 Actor
 Modeling and Acting Teacher
 Host
 Gio
 Event Coordinator
 Event and Ceremonies Host
 Radio Show Host
 Fashion Designer
 Fashion Assessor
 Blogger
 Creative Designing

Instituto México Americano Noroeste (2 years)
o Sports Teacher for Kids
 Soccer
 Baseball
 Self Defense
 Dance Class
 Coaching and Big Brother Program Starter

Teletech (6months)
o Customer Service (Dish USA)

Telvista Call-Center (5 months)
o Customer Service & Sales

Marielena English School
o English Teacher in charge of Pronunciation
o Dynamic Teaching
o Informatics and Computer Teacher

• Languages
o Spanish
 100 % spoken, 100% written
o English
 100% spoken, 95% written
o French and Portuguese
 Learning

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5 hours Not available $200 $200
10 hours Not available $350 $400
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