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  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Writing comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing expression - Spanish
  • All Levels

Professional with experience working in over ten Spanish-speaking countries will help you learn


Spanish is much more strongly grammar-based than English. The ideal student recognizes the importance of verb conjugation, conquering one tense at a time, all the while conducting practical, fun, conversation on relevant topics. I utilize relevant media, such as books, poems, and newspapers, to draw out samples for use in the learning environment.


I have directed an intensive Spanish-learning program more than ten years, and I have worked in much of the Spanish-speaking world. I learned Spanish as an adult, and now I am a professional translator and interpreter. I did it, and so can you!


Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $80
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $150
Lessons offered by Jeffrey
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Writing comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing expression - Spanish
  • All Levels

Jeffrey's resume



Dr. McCrary is author of dozens of scientific publications and numerous communications in newspapers and other media, in both English and Spanish. He is a technical expert in environmental issues, particularly in freshwater fish, birds, higher education, science policy, environmental impacts of technology, community organization and management of natural areas. His technical writing experience has drawn principally from his own field work, management, and report writing in environmental impact studies in major hydroelectric energy, wind energy, and the proposed Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal, as well as the social and cultural conditions of the countries in which he has had experience, particularly Nicaragua and Cuba. Dr. McCrary holds a doctoral degree from Rice University, and has worked in more than ten countries. His experience includes contract translating and simultaneous Spanish-English interpretation, and management of an intensive Spanish-language learning program.


1. McCrary, J. K., A. HernĂĄndez-Portocarrero, R. Rueda-Pereira, and O. Saldaña-Tapia. “Nicaragua: Biodiversity on canal route already at risk.” Nature 525 (2015): 33.
2. McCrary, J. K. “The Apoyo shore cichlid Amphilophus flaveolus.” Cichlid News 25 (2016):25-28.
3. McCrary, Jeffrey. “ Remembering Benjamin Linder.” El Nuevo Diario (2007) 28 April. Translated into English by the author.
4. McCrary, Jeffrey K., Brian R. Murphy, Jay R. Stauffer Jr, and Sherman S. Hendrix. "Tilapia (Teleostei: Cichlidae) status in Nicaraguan natural waters." Environmental Biology of Fishes 78 (2007): 107-114.


US citizen, permanent resident in Nicaragua. English and Spanish fluency.


Ph.D., Rice University 1994

M.S., Rice University 1989

B.E., Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Vanderbilt University 1981


Research Professor, Environmental Sciences Doctoral Program, UNAN Managua 2016-present
Co-coordinator, Biodiversity Management Plan Nicaragua Canal, HKND 2016-present
Editor, Estudios Ambientales, scientific research journal 2013-present
Field Scientist, Nicaragua Canal Environmental Impact Assessement, ERM 2013-2015
Director, Departamento Ciencias BĂĄsicas, UCA, Managua 1999-2003
Staff 9 permanent, 24 part-time, 4 laboratories
Director, EstaciĂłn BiolĂłgica, y Program Director, FUNDECI/GAIA 1998-present
Supervision two research stations in natural areas.
Coordination management plans in protected areas.
Environmental management in environmental compliance, ecotourism
Wildlife assessment for the Nicaragua Grand Interoceanic Canal
Research Associate, UNA, Managua 2005-2006
Faculty Associate, Conservation Management Institute, College of Natural Resources,
Virginia Tech 2000-2004
Professor, Environmental Science, Central American University 1998-2004
Assistant Professor, Biology and Chemistry, University of Mobile Nicaraguan Campus 1996-1997
Adjunct Professor, Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech 1995-1999
Research Associate, Virginia Tech 1995
Visiting Instructor, Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech 1994-1995
Research Associate, Rice University 1994
Graduate Research Assistant, Rice University 1986-1993
Process Engineer, Conoco/Vista Chemical Company 1981-1985

Freshwater Fish Biology FUNDECI/GAIA 2010
Avitourism COMAP 2006
Biodiversity Measurement Techniques UNA 2006
Avitourism National Chamber of Tourism 2006
Graduate Biochemistry UNI 2003
Zoology (birds, fishes) UCA 2001, 2002
Biodiversity and systematics of freshwater fishes UCA 2000
GIS/Biodiversity (graduate—birds) UCA 2000-4
Physical Chemistry UCA 2000
Organic Chemistry UCA 1999, 2001-3
World Forestry and Forest Products Virginia Tech/UCA 1998-2000
Biochemistry U. of Mobile, UCA 1997, 2000-3
Analytical Chemistry U. of Mobile 1997
General Chemistry I U. of Mobile 1996, 1997
Introduction to Biology U. of Mobile 1996, 1997
Environmental Science U. of Mobile 1996, 1997
Ecology and Evolution U. of Mobile 1997
Field Techniques in Ornithology U. of Mobile 1997
Microbiology U. of Mobile 1996
Human Ecology U. of Mobile 1996
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Virginia Tech 1994
Plant Design and Economics II Virginia Tech 1995
Graduate Chem. Eng. Thermodynamics Virginia Tech 1995

Guest Lectures:
Animal Taxonomy UNAN-Managua 2008
Protected Areas Management UNAN-Managua 2007
Protected Areas Management UNA 2006, 2012-13
General Chemistry II U. of Mobile 1997
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Virginia Tech 1995
Graduate Transport Phenomena Virginia Tech 1995
Separation Processes Virginia Tech 1995
Plant and Process Design Rice U. 1989
Unit Operations Laboratory Rice U. 1986, 1987
Thermodynamics Rice U. 1986
Graduate Thermodynamics Rice U. 1986


2016 HKND, coordination biodiversity management plan Nicaragua Canal
2013-5 ERM, Inc., stream and lake fish, wetland bird assessments for Nicaragua Canal
2012-3 EOLO, SA, raptor assessments for wind energy
2012-6 Blue Power, raptor assessments for wind energy
2010 CABAL, SA, stream fish assessments for hydroelectric power (Salto YY)
2007-10 SalvaNatura/Texas Parks and Wildlife; Golden-cheeked Warbler assessment
2006-7 COVENSA-raptor assessments for wind energy
2005 Development Alternatives, Inc., forest use and fisheries, project formulation
2004 Central American Water Tribunal; environmental impacts of tilapia introductions
2003-13 CLUSA/NCBA, Nicaragua; sustainable agriculture, project formulation and evaluation
1997 UCA, Managua, Nicaragua; environmental sciences curriculum development
1995-7 FUNDECI, Managua; computer software and programming, and environmental consulting
1994 Fisher, Gallagher, and Lewis, Houston; industrial chemistry, physiology, and toxicology of polychlorinated biphenyls
1993 National Institute of Angiology, Havana, Cuba; human blood platelet isolation procedures and activity assay methods


2010 Transactions American Fisheries Society
2009 Ecological Applications
2008 Quarterly Reviews in Biology
2008 International Journal of Tropical Biology
2007 Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
2006 Marine and Freshwater Research
2005 Forest Ecology and Management
2004 Oxford University Press
2003-2005 Gaia
1999-present Encuentro


2016 Biodiversity Management Plan, Nicaragua Canal (FUNDAR)
2006-7 US Embassy, Ambassador’s Democracy Fund (FUNDECI/GAIA)
2006 Japanese Embassy in Nicaragua, school construction in Lake XiloĂĄ (FUNDECI/GAIA)
2005-6 Management Plan, Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve, Servicio Autónomo de Parques Nacionales de España (CLUSA)
2005 DANIDA, fish pathology workshop (UNA)
2005 US Embassy travel award
2005 DANIDA, Invasive Species Grant (UNA)
2004-6 USDA, promotion of nature tourism in Nicaragua (with Jerry Bauer, IITF)
2003 DANIDA, study of parasites in Lake Apoyo (UCA)
2003 USDA Grant (with Jerry Bauer, IITF)
2002 Book contract, Cornell University Press
2000 Conservation Grant, Fondo Canada-Nicaragua (Proyecto Ecologico)
1999 Fulbright Senior Faculty Fellowship, renewal (UCA)
1998 Conservation, Food and Health Foundation, Inc. (with T. Hammett-Virginia Tech)
1998 Fulbright Senior Faculty Fellowship (UCA)
1998 USAID Environmental Education Grant (Virginia Tech)
1998 FAMPP Canada-Nicaragua Environmental Grant (FUNDECI)
1996-7 EPA Environmental Education Grant (Virginia Tech)
1995 Mini-Grant, Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (Virginia Tech)
1993 Houston Peace and Justice Award
1989, 1993 Rice Chemical Engineering Department Symposium Awards


“Nicaragua: Biodiversity on canal route already at risk”, McCrary JK, HernĂĄndez-Portocarrero A, Rueda-Pereira R, Saldaña-Tapia O, Nature 525:33 (2015).

“Dos registros nuevos de peces en aguas continentales de Nicaragua”, Jeffrey K. McCrary, Salvador Montenegro GuillĂ©n , Thelma Salvatierra , Matthias F. Geiger, Revista Estudios Ambientales 1:88-92 (2014).

“Ficus cotinifolia (Urticales: Moraceae), planta hospedera de Marpesia petreus ssp. tethys (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)”, Somarriba Pablo Antonio, McCrary Jeffrey K., Cruz Aura, Revista Estudios Ambientales 1:93-100 (2014).

"Crater Lake Apoyo Revisited-Population Genetics of an Emerging Species Flock", Geiger, Matthias F., Jeffrey K. McCrary, and Ulrich K. Schliewen. PLoS One e74901 (2013).

“Introduced predator elicits deficient brood defence behaviour in a crater lake fish”, Lehtonen, T. K., McCrary, J. K., & Meyer, A.. PloS one, 7(1), e30064 (2012).

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“Lepidoptera de la Reserva Natural Laguna de Apoyo”, J van Dort and JK McCrary, Revista Biodiv. A.P. 2:87-92 (2010).

“Territorial aggression can be sensitive to the status of heterospecific intruders”, TK Lehtonen, JK McCrary, and A Meyer, Behavioural Processes, 84:598-601 (2010); doi:10.1016/j.beproc.2010.02.021.

“Description of two new species of the Midas cichlid complex (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua”, MF Geiger, JK. McCrary, and JR Stauffer, Jr., Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 123:159-173 (2010).

“A contribution to Nicaraguan ornithology, with a focus on the pine-oak ecoregion”, JK McCrary, WJ Arendt, L ChavarrĂ­a, LJ LĂłpez, P A Somarriba, P-O Boudrault, AL Cruz, FJ Muñoz, DG Mackler, Cotinga 31:89-95 (2009).

“El monitoreo de las mojarras (Amphilophus spp.) en Nicaragua con aportes sobre su ecología y estado de conservación en la Laguna de Apoyo”, JK McCrary and LJ López, Rev. Nic. Biodiv. 1:43-50 (2008).

“New and novel observations of birds during raptor migration in Nicaragua”, JK McCrary and D Young, Ornitología Neotropical 19:573-580 (2008).

“Description of three new species of cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua”, Stauffer JR, Jr., McCrary JK, & Black K, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 121:117-129 (2008).

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