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Recording and mixing engineer with 10 years experience in the music industry


I like to introduce real-world examples through hands-on learning. Reading books and watching youtube videos can only go so far! We'll use real stems from real bands and dive into how the tracks were captured, and how to mix the smart way! We will use my past mistakes to learn what NOT to do, and use some techniques that I've found to be extremely helpful with recording and mixing.

Here's what you can expect taking lessons with me:

• An overview of why you're interested in recording and mixing music. I want to find out your previous experience and what you think recording and mixing can do for you!
• Answer any questions you have about recording mixing - I'm an open book and my attention will be all yours! Want to buy a new microphone? Let's talk about it. Having trouble getting that kick drum sounding right? Let's open up the session and see what's going on.
• Discussions about recording and mixing theory
• I will walk you through any music you're working on and give you real-time advice about things to improve or to think about to make the mix sound as good as possible.
•If interested in multiple lessons, I will create a custom curriculum based on your goals.


Hi! My name is Kurt Roy. I am an audio engineer and musician living in Seattle, Washington. I have more than ten years' experience in recording, mixing, and mastering. My work has seen over three million streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

I first became interested in audio engineering in high school after realizing that making high quality music is about so much more than simply being good at playing instruments. I earned my Recording Engineering Certificate and then further developed my skills as an Assistant Engineer at the Chicago Recording Company, where I worked closely with Grammy award-winning engineer Jeff Lane and renowned artists such as Jeremih and Cody Chestnutt. This laid the groundwork for where I am today.

I am passionate about sharing the knowledge I've learned through experience with people who are eager to learn more about recording and mixing!


Rate for online lessons : $26/h
Lessons offered by Kurt
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Music Production
  • Music Technology
  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Recording
  • All Levels

Kurt's resume

| ​Freelance Recording Engineer | “HeartGold Studios” | 2010-

● Work out of professional studios with clients. Also work out of personal mixing studio.
● Use own equipment and techniques to get professional results and happy clients.
● Work has seen radio play and record label release.
● Work with clients to resolve songwriting and production issues.
● Network with local musicians, and have fun.
• Over 3 million plays collectively by clients

| Chicago Recording Company | Intern→Crew Member | 2013-2014

● Assistant engineer on sessions with major label artists including Jeremih (Def Jam Records) and Cody ChestnuTT (Death Row Records)
● Assisted on Cody ChestnuTT’s song “What Does Freedom Mean?” featured on “12 Years a Slave” soundtrack.
● Worked in studio with Chris Shepard (The Smashing Pumpkins, Wilco), Jeff Lane (R.Kelly, Diddy, Jeremih) and Jon Zacks (Death Cab for Cutie)
● Engineered sessions alone.
● Worked on studio 5’s SSL console.
● Handled high end/vintage/vintage tube microphones including the Sony C-800g, Neumann U48,
U47, U67, Telefunken’s, Royer...etc
● Set up microphones, made sure cabling and patching was correct for clients.
● Made coffee, delivered mail, cleaned and maintained all 9 recording studios at CRC.
● Billed clients for sessions and printed final mix CD’s after sessions.
● Completed three month, full time internship. Hired on afterwards.

| ​Fifth Star Studios | Chicago, Il | Engineer | 2013-2014
● Main house engineer for studio.
● Tracked, mixed and mastered local music for mixtapes/albums/Ep’s
● Freelanced sessions, and brought in clients.

| The SoundScape Recording Studio | Student→Intern | Royal Oak, Michigan | 2012-
● Set up microphones and patched in outboard gear for client sessions.
● Completed and passed a 160 hour state licensed recording engineering program.
● Assisted on sessions for clients, making sure mic placement and cabling was correct.
● Learned and practiced tracking, mixing and mastering techniques on industry standard
● Collaborated with clients to achieve the best tones/performance and format for song.

A short list of clients I have either, recorded, mixed, or mastered (or all three!)
Speak Low if You Speak Love Paul Cherry
Wayne Szalinski
American Arson
Signature Mistakes
Lemix J Buckley
Mount Sigh
Pure Mood
Dorian Electra
The Mighty Dreadful
Fern Murphy
Anthony Sanders
Jake Lemond
Leland Blue
Sea Life
Deer Park

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