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Savvy Spanish Teacher/Tutor Available In Maryland-Delaware-Virginia Areas Tailored Lessons In Person Or Online K5 Thru Adult Education

I earned a 1981 Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland. This included a language immersion program at Universitat de Valencia in Spain. I also took a 3-month Oxford Seminar course at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2008 entitled "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Second Language/Teaching English as a Foreign Language". I have recently embarked upon a quest to obtain additional certification in the field of education.

I tailor all of my classes to meet the needs of my clients, incorporating various learning styles and methodologies.

$30/hour or portion of hour per student. Plus 25 cents per mile driven outside of 30 mile radius of home base.

I teach spanish, oral expression - spanish, oral comprehension - spanish, vocabulary - spanish, writing expression - spanish. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education, ilr level 0, ilr level 1, ilr level 2, ilr level 3, ilr level 4, ilr level 5, other, beginner, intermediate, advanced
I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.
I give lessons by webcam.

Tom's Experience

I have been passionately dedicated for over nine years to helping clients meet Spanish language goals in my work as a Spanish teacher at a private school (2017-current); a Spanish tutor, an interpreter, and translator (2007-curent); a member of the American Translators' Association; and a volunteer career counselor (2015-2017). It is my pleasure to work with customers on projects pertaining to school, business, and cultural awareness. Before branching out on my own, I was a Senior Spanish Analyst and mid-level supervisor for the U.S. Department of Defense for 26 years (1981-2007). My consistency, timeliness, and subject matter expertise makes seemingly insurmountable tasks possible to overcome. A copy of my resume is available on request for specific success stories.

Tom's resume

DATES: September 2017 - Current
JOB DESCRIPTION: Teach Spanish to Kindergarten through 8th grades for four days a week at a private school.

- Follow a core-knowledge curriculum.

- Teach and manage kindergarten classes based on the Educator’s Collection from Whistlefritz, a multi-media package providing a diverse set of tools for early elementary Spanish students. There are 40 lessons that engage children in interactive, age-appropriate activities and teach vocabulary through an blend of live action and video animation. We add CDs to get children on their feet singing and dancing to Latin songs and rhythms, and use matching cards to introduced action words.

- Instruct first thru sixth grades using digital textbooks with lesson plans and video presentations from the online Discovery Education Program. Supplement each lesson with my own activities to enhance the educational experience.

- Educate seventh and eight graders using Volumes 1A and 2A of the Expresate Series of books by Houghton, Mifflin, and Harcourt. This program is rich in culture and offers on-location photography and video, and detailed grammar. confident, successful communicators. Supplemented this program with quizes, tests, and activity sheets from Holt Publishers that correspond to each Chapter in the books.

DATES: January 2016 - Current
JOB DESCRIPTION: On-call substitute teaching at local high schools

- Long-term substitute March-April 2016. Each day, I taught four Language Exploration (FLEX) classes at Wicomico Middle School and three Spanish classes at Wicomico High School. This included introducing new concepts, working through a FLEX unit on France, monitoring and correcting disciplinary problems, ensuring students stayed on task, grading papers, and working with students individually to reinforce concepts.

- Classroom Management. In School Suspension classes and a study hall. Ensured students completed work brought to them by other teachers. Helped with basic questions on assignments in math, English, and Spanish.

- Spanish and Latin. Guided 30 Spanish classes and five Latin classes through work packets that the students completed and submitted to me by end of class for a grade. Included two three-day Spanish assignments.

- FLEX. Introduced two classrooms to FLEX, discussing the benefits of the program and leading students in three activities.

- Business Education. Showed three Introduction to Business classes a video and helped them construct a summary paragraph based on 20 key points they documented while watching the short movie.

- Testing Monitor. Administered mid-term to one Data Systems class and two Advanced Computer Systems classes.

- English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Directed three ESOL classes through work packets left by their teacher. Included exercises in vocabulary comprehension and application via dialogues.

- English. Taught three pre-AP English classes on reading comprehension using a short story regarding being judgmental. Students read the story, and we answered questions as a class.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Independent Contractor. Translates immigration documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English in accordance with the requirements of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the U.S. National Visa Center, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Passport Agency, and various U.S. Consulates in Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

- Translated birth certificates to help get apostilles issued by appropriate consulates or embassies. The apostilles authenticated documents as legal in both the U.S. and the clients' home countries under the 1961 Hague Convention.

- Rendered translations of hand-written notarized affidavits in connection with VISA applications.

- Converted legal paperwork into Spanish or English to help clients request U.S. citizenship. Included marriage certificates, apostilles, driver's licenses, child adoption agreements, personal letters, police reports, divorce decrees, diplomas, academic transcripts, and passports. Sample work available on request.

DATES: February 2008 to Current
JOB DESCRIPTION: Independent Contractor. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in the medical field for Latino patients in Maryland and Delaware. Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

- Simultaneous interpretation for Latino patients undergoing independent medical examinations and physical therapy sessions. Assignments allocated based on staffing requirements of Vernacular Language Services and Simlingua Inc.

- Consecutive interpretation for a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS). The Individual Education Program team at a local elementary school meets monthly with a Spanish-speaking mother to provide her progress reports on her son. The COMS hired me to ensure English language input from the COMS was accurately conveyed to the parent during one of the meetings.

DATES: February 2008 to Current
JOB DESCRIPTION: Independent Contractor. Tutor teen and adult students at multiple levels to meet Spanish language goals in academic, cultural, and business fields. Each one to two hour session is usually weekly at a mutually agreed upon location. Profiles available on tomstranslation.com, WyzAnt.com, Care.com, and LinkedIn.

- Boosted grammar and writing skills of a high school honors program student struggling with Spanish III. Following eight sessions over a four month period, student earned an "A" on a major classroom project and a 3.0 average in the class, overcoming her initial fear of failure.

- Augmented home schooled student’s county approved online course in Spanish I with 11 lessons over a three month period. Patient and innovative one-on-one approaches encouraged student confidence, helped with ADHD challenges, and re-sparked interest in Spanish. Clarified basic grammar and vocabulary rules through a comparison to similar patterns in English. Administered evaluations to measure progress.

- Refined retired school teacher’s intermediate Spanish skills and increased Latino cultural awareness. Five sessions clarified advanced grammar concepts through lectures and exercises to practice concepts. Read and translated Latino newspaper articles together to glean current vocabulary and compare/contrast what is grammatically correct with less formal, spoken/media language. Student felt well-prepared to take an immersion class in Spain and then travel to Guatemala.

- Sharpened high school student's Spanish III skills, later prepared him for Spanish IV, and helped him comprehend complex literary concepts and advanced grammar. Several months of lessons inspired student to travel to Mexico and successfully progress to Spanish V.

- Mentored high school student to help her pass a county-issued test to qualify to take Spanish III at a private school. If student had failed this test, she would have had to re-take Spanish II at the private school, even though she already had passed Spanish II in a public school system. Also practiced intermediate grammar to help her get an “A” on the final test in Spanish III.

- Role played conversational dialogues that might arise during taxi cab rides, restaurant dining, and shopping excursions, in preparation for student’s vacation to Panama. Supplemented basic vocabulary student learned during Air Force Spanish training with five practice sessions.

- Strengthened student’s speaking skills and increased cultural awareness prior to a one- week immersion class in Mexico and a trip to Barcelona, Spain. Four meetings enhanced Rosetta Stone lessons student had taken on her own.

- Refocused high school student with ADD who was failing his first year of Spanish. Continued informal learning over the summer. Testimonial on my WyzAnt profile indicates, “Mr. Truitt is a good tutor. He’s been professional, upbeat and patient. We recently asked him to change his style in order to accommodate our child’s learning style and he immediately made the changes with good effect. We appreciate his thoroughness and responsiveness.”

- Practiced Spanish with an attorney in 2-hour sessions discussing the process of applying for social security benefits for stroke victims. Assessed that the lawyer's Spanish was sufficient to convey and explain legal options and complexities to Latino clients. Student feedback on my Wyzant.com profile states, "Very patient, very knowledgeable. By speaking in Spanish with him for almost the whole lesson, I was able to learn a lot and advance my goal of feeling comfortable with clients when speaking Spanish. I would recommend him for others and wish him the best."

- Applied intrinsic learning techniques to improve vocabulary in weekly meetings with an International Events Consultant. Each session covered terms and phrases associated with a specific topic of interest. Student used new vocabulary to write a about the subject at home. In the following lesson, the writing assignment was corrected. Also recommended authentic sources of language material from TV, radio, and newspapers, enabling student to practice speaking, listening to, writing, and reading Spanish in real-time situations. Student feedback on my Wyzant.com profile follows: "Together we are developing lessons based on my interests, e.g. cooking, travel, etc. Because we both share a lot of the same interests, we have a lot of material to cover. I wanted lessons that pertained to everyday life so having lessons based on my interests fits perfectly!"

DATES: March 2008 - Current

JOB DESCRIPTION: Independent contractor. Tutor teen and adult students at multiple levels to meet English language goals in academic, cultural, and business fields. Each one to two hour session is usually weekly at a mutually agreed upon location. Profiles available on tomstranslation.com, WyzAnt.com, Care.com, and LinkedIn.

- Developed and taught a four-month course for five Latino restaurant employees to improve work-related conversational skills. Each one and a half hour class offered lectures, exercises, and graded home work in basic grammar, vocabulary, writing, and pronunciation. Although the format stressed using English whenever possible, portions were presented in Spanish to facilitate learning. Students with a stronger command of English often volunteered to assist others when questions arose. The final exam was a field trip to a nearby café where students ordered in English and answered vocabulary questions.

DATES: November 1999 through March 2007
JOB DESCRIPTION: Mid-level manager of a diverse and dynamic work force. Included career counseling, performance appraisals, customer relations, personnel issues, and analytical and Spanish linguistic support.

- Synchronized an online budget matrix to gage allocation of personnel and dedicate appropriate funding over a four year period

- Advised junior translators, reporters, and public speakers on linguistic challenges, writing styles, and methods of presentation to optimize the impact of their final product

- Researched and populated language data bases to expeditiously provide current information on languages, situation reports, and military logistics to U.S. policy makers, military commanders, and other members of the U.S. Intelligence Community

- Networked to coordinate itineraries for agency visitors. Ensured topics of discussion were clear cut, tipped superiors to potential points of contention, and recommended courses of action boost the mutual value of visits

- Interviewed and placed new employees. Recommended training courses and on-the-job training programs to expedite integration into the work force. Evaluated employees semi-annually to shape performance, scope chances of being promoted, and enhance marketable skills for future positions

- Recognized outstanding contributions of military, contractor, and civilian employees in award write-ups

- Counseled employees on disciplinary issues

DATES: September 1981 through November 1999
JOB DESCRIPTION: Translated foreign language material into English and issued reports to government agencies and military commands worldwide. Also maintained Spanish language data bases and briefed situation updates to coworkers, counterparts, and supervisors on breaking developments that impacted national security.

- Gained the trust and respect of colleagues, managers, and clients as a "go-to" person for Spanish language assistance

- Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills when briefing visitors, managers, and co-workers on time-sensitive matters

- Lead round tables, working groups, and conferences to keep government agencies current on political, economic, technological, and military developments in their areas of interest


POSITION: Volunteer Teacher for Junior Achievement Of The Eastern Shore of Maryland
JOB DESCRIPTION: A State-run program committed to helping students become more entrepreneurial
thinkers and work ready
DATES: February - March 2016

- Taught high school students an after-school course on the basic concepts of entrepreneurship. This two-month program convened students weekly at the public library for six 45-minute sessions. The Wicomico County Board of Education's "Project Success" arranged the classes to help students complete a business plan for a product or service they chose to develop.

POSITION: Salisbury University's (SU) Career Connections Mentor Network Link:
(concealed information)
DATES: January 2015 - Current
DESCRIPTION: Alumni-based interactive resource for students, faculty, and other alumni to share job experiences

- Served on the March 2015 Bellavance Honors Program Board. Provided academic counseling and guidance to freshman honors students during two 50-minute classes.

- Advised SU graduate on networking strategies applicable to Salisbury, Maryland. Student started working for Metropolitan Life Insurance in May 2015 and provided the following written feedback after our meeting: "Thanks for all the helpful advice you had to offer. Everything was extremely useful and I'll be sure to implement it in my personal marketing strategy from here on out."


DATES: January 2015 COMPANY: American Translators' Association (ATA)
DESCRIPTION: ATA ((concealed information) is an organization for the betterment of translators and interpreters via worldwide resources. Focuses on career development, networking, certifications, seminars, and continuing education.

- Attended ATA 2014 Annual Conference in Chicago from 3 to 8 November. Over 175 interactive seminars, events, and exhibits. Many sessions were in Spanish only.

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