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Scientist with Master's Degree offering Chemistry and Math tutoring on line.


I introduce new concepts directly showing both theory and applications. I enjoy clarifying concepts for students as the questions arise. I encourage students to think for themselves and attempt to work out solutions before I offer help.


I am an analytical chemist with teaching experience at the middle school and college levels. In addition, I have worked in the environmental testing, and pharmaceutical industries. I have volunteered as a tutor and teacher at the Montverde Friends School in Costa Rica. My hobbies include: beekeeping, woodworking, camping and hiking.


Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Lessons offered by Ed
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Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • All Levels

Ed's resume



U32 JR./SR. HIGH SCHOOL, East Montpelier, VT Aug. 1997-June 2000
Assisted students with academic and physical challenges in the Special Education Department.

MONTEVERDE FRIENDS SCHOOL, Monteverde, Costa Rica Aug. 1995-Dec. 1995
Volunteer Teacher
Taught the first semester of the U.S. high school physics curriculum. Also taught intermediate algebra and trigonometry. Helped supervise students during recess. Participated in school fund raisers.

MATER CHRISTI SCHOOL, Burlington, VT Sept. 1992-June 1993
Assistant Teacher
Taught one class of eighth grade pre-algebra to 18 students. Also team-taught one class of eighth grade physical science with another teacher. Helped supervise the playground for 20 min. once per week. Tutored individual students in pre-algebra and physical science as well.

CHAMPLAIN VALLEY UNION HIGH SCHOOL, Hinesburg, VT Sept. 1992-June 1993
Computer Lab Aide
Supervised the computer lab for four hours each afternoon. Helped students and faculty with the use of computers and software. Participated once per week in the Computer Club meeting. Performed some routine software maintenance.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF VERMONT, Burlington, VT Sept. 1992-Dec. 1992
Adjunct Instructor
Taught an introductory science course to continuing education students. Designed the curriculum, which included: the scientific method, measurement, critical thinking, experimental design, data analysis, elementary statistics, political influence on science, and U.S. government priorities in science.

SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, Chemistry Department, Syracuse, NY Sept. 1984-Aug. 1987
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Taught and helped set-up two sections per semester of introductory chemistry laboratory. Also conducted some full lecture review sessions.


Para-educator Training, U 32 Jr/Sr High School, 40 hours, April 1999
Introduction to Windows 95, Barre Area Vocational Center, 20 hours, July 1998
Introduction to Microsoft Office, Barre Area Vocational Center, ~10 hours, July 1998
Act 51 Training, Washington County Supervisory Union, 15 hours, Sept. 1997


SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, College of Arts and Sciences, Syracuse, NY
Master of Science Degree in Analytical Chemistry
August 1989

STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY
Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry / Minor: Mathematics
American Chemical Society Certification
May 1983

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