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Taught subjects
  • Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Writing comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing expression - Spanish
  • All Levels



I can teach at any level: from Judicial/Medical to Elementary Skill Levels: we will improve your vocabulary and pronunciation as well as your written and conversational aptitude. I apply a multi-modal approach to teaching. Conversation/Dialogues, Written work/ worksheets, Vocabulary building exercises: Music/Songs, Videos of native speakers and Poems/Literature if appropriate.

I then tailor the lesson-plans to your specific level and desire-outcomes.


I was born in Central America and grew up in San Francisco, Ca. I can help you excel in Spanish at any level. I have a BA in Liberal Studies, a BA in Spanish, and an MA in Spanish Literature. Reading, Writing, Speaking, Accent Reduction, Grammar are my specialties. You're essays and presentations will SHINE!


Rate for online lessons : $60/h


Special Rates can be worked out for a bundle of classes

Lessons offered by Ana Patricia
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Writing comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing expression - Spanish
  • All Levels

Ana Patricia's resume

Ana Patricia Lindo Tannous
Email: (concealed information) Telephone: (concealed information)
Objective: To obtain a position where I can apply my inter-disciplinary and bilingual education and background in leadership, training, and teaching to help students attain their academic goals. As of the Spring 2018, I have completed the screening portion of the comprehensive exams for the Master of Arts Spanish Degree and am scheduled to take the final phase of the comprehensive exams next Fall.

The MA in Spanish requires 30 graduate level units: I have achieved forty-five Graduate-Level units as of this semester because I chose to add courses in pedagogy and second-language learning to my repertoire of knowledge.

San Francisco State University - 1600 Holloway Ave. San Francisco, CA
Master’s Degree in Progress
Spanish Literature (GPA 3.95)
Bachelor of Arts Degree 2013
Liberal Studies with an emphasis in English
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Spanish 2013
Skyline College - 1300 College Drive, San Bruno, CA
Associate in Arts Degree 1995

San Francisco State University -1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA
Spanish-English Legal Court Interpretation 2012
InterpreterPrep- Online School
Medical Interpretation 2013
California Bureau of Real Estate – Sacramento, CA

Realtor License CABRE#(concealed information) 1996

Work Experience:

Teacher: Fall 2015- Present

Job Title: After-School Enrichment Teacher
After-School Enrichment Spanish Teacher
Brittan Acres Elementary School 2000 Belle Ave. San Carlos, CA January 2018-Present

Responsibilities: Classroom management, record-keeping, protocols for the use of the Homeroom App for the documentation of student arrivals, sign-outs, and communications with parents, Homeroom staff, and Brittan Acres. The creation of lesson plans, worksheets, customized flashcards, activities, dance, and songs to achieve the teaching objectives of the Homeroom Curriculum. I also scaffold activities with student attention-spans in mind to keep the children interested and engaged in our activities. I have been given the freedom to teach the units of instruction in sequences of my choice and to develop activities that achieve the goals of each unit while still adhering to the Can-Do Statements which the Homeroom Program sets forth. My use of multi-modal teaching strategies includes the use of film, video, music, singing, movement, and art projects to enhance student engagement in a way which promotes a fun and upbeat learning environment.

Job Title: Graduate Teaching Assistant
I. Spanish 880 - Spanish 880 Cumbres de la literatura Latinoamericana
Graduate Seminar Spring 2018-Present
II. Spanish 101
San Francisco State University 1900 Holloway Ave. San Francisco, CA Fall 2015/ Spring 2016

Responsibilities: Classroom management, record-keeping, the assignment and correction of homework, test-preparation, lesson plans and student engagement to meet the overall curriculum designed for the class. The Spanish 880 Graduate Student Seminar is based on masterpieces of Spanish Theatre and Literature. I have created project-based collaborative strategies which have allowed my students to work in groups to create cultural artifacts which reflect the themes studied in class.

Residential Real Estate Sales May 1996 – Present

Job Title: Realtor- Independent Contractor

May 1996- To Date

Realtor/Responsibilities: include but are not limited to: Residential Real Estate client procurement, marketing and sales of Residential Real Estate in the $500,000.00 to $3,400,000.00 price point. Management of client relationships and files from initial contact to close of escrow with follow-up and documentation of communications as needed. The residential real estate transaction process includes guiding buyers and sellers in the sale and/or purchase process, i.e. showing, staging, financing, insurance, inspections, and the dissemination of information with fiduciary agency in the client representation process. The scheduling of a variety of professional inspections along with proper signing and dissemination of documents and communications to authorized parties is done in view of transfers of title per contractual terms and times. My work includes acting as a liaison between my clients and other service providers.

Medical-Legal Interpretation/Translation Dec. 2012-February 2013

Job Title: Bilingual Interpreter/Independent Contractor

Responsibilities: By appointment only- the interpretation of legal and medical proceedings at meetings with patients, plaintiffs, medical, and legal professionals. Medical interpretations include follow-up with written reports to the agency after each appointment. Interpretation and translation is done during the in-person doctor/patient or client/attorney consultations and appointments at the administrative level in medical settings. Medical/Legal administrative and hearing level for consultations include treatments, evaluations, pre-op and/or post/op interviews and consultations which may also involve medical prescriptions. I interpret and/or translate in the Simultaneous, Consecutive, and/or Sight mode of interpretation at up to 140 words per minute. Medical-Legal interpretation includes the completion and communication of medical/legal forms and medical consultations in all manner of medical fields.
Adherence to HIPPA Standards is always required within the context of technical, medical, legal interpretations.
The cultural-broker aspect of the interpretation includes the bridging of cultural norms and communications from English to Spanish and vice-versa.

Professional Membership and Leadership:
Founder and President: 2013- Present
The Literature and Arts Association of Graduate and Undergraduate Students at San Francisco State University
Created, proposed and received university approval for the constitution, mission, vision, annual budget, and funding for the organization according to the university guidelines. I am also involved in growing the membership, facilitating events which promote our mission and vision for the organization. Our organization publishes the bi-annual edition of Canto Magazine, a bilingual review of Latin- American civilization, culture, and literature for the past three years. As President of LAAGRAUS, I created the annual celebration known as A Celebration of Published Authors and Artists of SFSU which is held at the end of the Spring Semester for the past two years.

Canto, a bilingual review of Latin-American civilization, culture and
Co-Editor 2015 -Present Co-Director 2017 - Present

As the co-director of the magazine since 2016, I initiated the creation of inter-departmental relationships to include student written-works from the Latin American Studies and Comparative World Literature programs outside of the Spanish Program. The magazine was a self-publishing activity in Spanish- only, carried out by the Advisor of Graduate Students, Dr. Gustavo Calderon. When I was named co-editor and given permission to innovate a bit, I successfully secured funding for the university and converted the magazine into a bilingual edition which is how we have secured funding for the magazine for the past three years. I have also created and managed the annual budget according to the 4university guidelines for the past three years. My duties as Co-Editor include the promotion of the magazine and invitations to students, authors, and faculty for the publication of their written works for twice-yearly publication dates.

Founder and President: 2017-Present
Apertures/Aperturas, a Bilingual Cinema Club at San Francisco State University
Created, proposed and received university approval for the constitution, mission, vision, and annual budget for the organization. I am also involved in growing the membership, grooming future board members, record-keeping, and managing our budget of $500.00 per year. We host events where we open discussions on History, Society, Social Justice, Ecology, Education, and International Relations through film. Our goal is to give visibility to non-commercial cinema from Latin America, Spain, and the United States in a bilingual setting for students of SFSU and to foster intercultural communication and understanding.

Founding Board Member:
NAHREP of Silicon Valley: The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals of Silicon Valley
2005 -2008
NHORA: The National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates 2009 -2012
As the elected President of each organization, I was the designated spokesperson at national, regional, and local meetings and events. Organized community outreach events, trained board members, and created initiatives designed to engage real estate professionals in community-building activities.
Public Speaking: As President of the organization, II created and presented workshops at our national conferences, acted as panelist/spokesperson at local events, hosted monthly membership meetings as well as monthly board meetings, and was active in the training and recruitment of board members and leaders for our organization in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada.


Edu Corps Award for Outstanding Achievement October 2017

VI Coloquio Anual Iberoamericano de Literatura, Política, Arte y Civilización
Las tres Fridas y los cuatro Diegos
A Three-Act Play,
San Francisco State University, 2018

V Coloquio Anual Iberoamericano de Literatura, Política, Arte y Civilización
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz mas allá del Barroco de las indias
San Francisco State University, 2016

Real Estate: How We Got Here and Where Do We Go from Here
University of San Francisco,2010

The California Housing Initiative
California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento, 2012


El arte de ser mujer, poeta, esposa, madre y maestra: Entrevista franciscana a Daisy Zamora
Por: Dr. Gustavo A. Calderón and Daisy Zamora
Translation from Spanish by Ana Patricia Lindo Tannous

Leaps of Voice from Luisa in Realityland
The Un-Named Parts of Castellanos Moya’s “Senselessness”

Paradoxical Literary Genres as Mirrors of Seventeenth Century Spanish Society in La gitanilla and La Ilustre Fregona

La carta Atenagórica de Sor Juana


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