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Lessons offered by Lacy
  • Individual
  • In group
The lessons will be held
  • By webcam
Taught subjects
  • German
  • Oral expression - German
  • Listening comprehension - German
  • All Levels

Tri-Lingual German camp counselor with 8 years of German Experience and experience abroad.


I structure my classes with a student focussed approach. I always have a base idea of the topics that need to be covered that day, but I let the students interests and questions guide how we learn that lesson. I am a very conversational tutor and think that the student should have a hand in their own learning.


I am a college graduate who has been studying German for the last 8 years. I have traveled to Germany and worked at a German language camp for the past 5 years. I have taught k-5 beginning German for 34 students and am excited to meet you!


Rate for online lessons : $22/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $100
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $200


Cancelation fee for missing a class is $10.

Lessons offered by Lacy
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • German
  • Oral expression - German
  • Listening comprehension - German
  • All Levels

Lacy's resume

Andover High School, Andover, MN
Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
Political Science and Environmental Science major, German minor- Graduated May 2018

Concordia Language Vilage (Waldsee), Bemidji, MN
Language and Marketing Assistant, July 2018-August 2018
• Working closely with the dean of the camp to plan the communications strategy for the camp and create a content calendar.
• Takes photos of all camp activities, edits them, and uploads them to the camps Flickr account for parents to see them.
• Posts daily on all social media accounts for the camp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
• Writes bi-weekly blog posts related to life at the camp, camper and staff interviews, activities, and special events that have taken place that week.
• Fields parent emails and messages about content suggestions and grievances.
• Manages press release forms of campers.
• Maintains a clear and concise aesthetic over all social media platforms.

Concordia Language Vilage (Waldsee), Bemidji, MN
Academic Year German Program Assistant Coordinator, Sept 2017- Present
• Working closely with the dean of the camp to plan curriculum and activities for the camps.
• Trains counselors in language immersion techniques and basics.
• Travels to schools to recruit them to come to the camp and corresponds with teachers to register schools for camp.
• Works to create a safe and comfortable environment for staff and students.
• Creates staff schedules and manages the office related tasks.
• Recruits and hires staff.
• Analyzes and evaluates the programs successfulness monthly and works to implement better approaches as needed.
• Create and lead environmental education programs for middle and high school students engaging them in issues of sustainable living, building, and environmental studies.

Counselor, June 2017 and June 2018
Plan, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction.
Prepare daily camp activities and schedules.
Facilitate language instruction and activities.
Engage students in a total language immersion, always staying in the language of instruction, i.e., English.
Create engaging and exciting games, lessons, and songs to interest the students.
Utilize the environmental education center, where we worked, to engage students in questions of sustainability and environmentalism.

High School Counselor, May 2016 – Aug 2016
Observe and monitor children's play activities.
Perform general personnel functions, such as supervision, training, and scheduling.
Organize and participate in recreational activities and outings, such as games and field trips.
Discipline children and recommend or initiate other measures to control behavior, such as caring for own clothing and respecting others space.
Assist in preparing food and serving meals and refreshments to children.
Support children's emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts.
Model appropriate social behaviors and encourage concern for others to cultivate development of interpersonal relationships and communication skills.

Academic Year Counselor, Jan 2015- Present
Observe and monitor children's play activities.
Perform general personnel functions, such as supervision, training, and scheduling.
• Organize and participate in recreational activities.
• Facilate language learning and discussion.
• Speak to the campers in the language of instruction (German).

Oral Communications Center Consultant, Sep 2015 – May 2018
Provide private instruction to individual or small groups of students to improve academic performance, improve occupational skills, or prepare for academic or occupational tests.
Help students overcome speech anxiety.
Assist students in researching and crafting different speech structures.

DFL, Moorhead, MN
Campus Volunteer, Sep 2014 – Nov 2014 and Sep 2016- Nov 2016
I informed people about their individual polling locations and helped them register to vote.
I went door to door canvassing neighborhoods, informing residents of the different candidates running for office and where their voting locations were.
I tabled on my campus to provide information about the election and voter registration.
I led phone banking initiatives on campus, calling registered students to remind them to vote.

Recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Service Award at Concordia College
Moorhead High School Mentor with the Will Steger Legacy Foundation’s Climate Generation- Spring 2018
Concordia College Forensics- member and leadership council member, August 2014-September 2017.
Minnesota Public Interest Group- chapter president, September 2015-May 2018
Campus Democrats- co-president, September 2016-May 2018
Family Weekend Chair, November 2016-December 2017
Student Government Student Senator, September 2017-May 2017
Student Government Sustainability Advocate, September 2017-May 2018
Student Representative on the Presidents Sustainability Council, September 2017-May 2018
Leader of the Divest Concordia Movement, September 2015-Present
Student Hurricane Relief Trip Planner and Leader, October 2017-Februrary 2018
Boy Scout Instructor for Sustainability and Environmental Science Merit Badges
Student Panel Participant for the 2015 Faith Reasons and World Affairs Symposium

• Proficient in ArcGIS and ArcCatalog
• Proficient in Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.
• Native English Speaker
• Professionally Fluent in German
• Basic Swahili Language fluency
• First Aid and CPR Certified
• ABEE Level 2 High and Low Ropes Certified

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