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Tutoring offered for lower primary grades, specializing in English writing, English Literature, creative writing.


I use a vareity of teaching methods to match my style to what works with the student. I have excellent skills in identifying strong/weak areas and focus on strengths and how they can be globalized to other, weaker areas. I am patient, enjoy teaching, and am very skilled in staying on topic, (or moving to another area if needed) and am thoughtful, engaging, and really enjoy tutoring and teaching all ages.


I am a former Social Worker and specialized in In School and In home services, have offered tutoring aid in a variety of subjects and years, including early childhood education, reading, writing, and higher level tutoring including teaching Mediation to Teens, and Tutored while in College and during my Master's Degree.


Transportation Fee : $15
Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $17
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $15


Rates do not vary per student level, travel is 0.50 per mile.

Lessons offered by Sofia
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Cooking
  • Traditional Cooking
  • All Levels

Sofia's resume


University of Maryland School of Social Work, MSW, Baltimore, MD
Specialization and Concentration: Clinical, Families and children May, 2002.

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA, 1996
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature (Distinction) and Philosophy (Distinction),
Phi Beta Kappa

Additional Training:
路 University of Maryland Field Instructor
路 Certified in Auricular Acupuncture by Alan Shenmen and licensed to practice on the Tribe x 3 years
路 CPR Certified
路 First Aid Certified
路 Completed and certified in 24 hours in the use of non-violent physical restraints and crisis intervention
路 Completed 40 + hours in Life-Space Crisis Intervention, Certified, Level I.
路 Have received specialized training through staff development workshops and continuing education in addictions counseling, therapeutic issues in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, counseling trauma and sexual abuse survivors, and issues for HIV+ clients.
路 Certified in CBT, DBT and behavioral interventions
路 Have extensive knowledge of the Yaqui community and alternative medicine.

Work Experience:Pascua Yaqui Tribe, New Beginnings Program, Tucson AZ
October 2014鈥2017-- Retired
Primary Therapist and Intensive Acudetox Specialist
路 Provided intensive individual, family, and group therapies as well as acudetox therapies to opioid dependent community members, maintained caseload and worked in close communication with multidisciplinary team to assist with any needs, referrals, and case management (Caseload 60+)
路 Facilitated weekly Women's Group and co-facilitated weekly Grief Group
路 Provided assessments and case management and crisis services as needed
路 Was liaison for parole and probation, hospitals, CPS,TPD, residential facilities and other treatment facilities, churches, communities as needed to increase support for clients.
路 Certified in Auricular acupuncture and provided detox services and stress management services as needed. Also, provided these services when available in the Alternative Medicine Clinic
路 Completed intakes, annual updates, and other needed assessments to increase specificity of services for members.

Crisis Response Network, Tucson, AZ
January 2014-- October 2014
Supervisor, Community Wide Crisis Line
路 Responsible for supervisory role while at work, provides clinical supervision to assigned staff including Crisis Specialists, Dispatchers, Title 36 Workers, and Compass staff
路 Responsible for smooth and accurate response to crisis calls, dispatching MAC teams from SAMHC, and transportation as needed in a crisis.
路 Interacted with all 911 and Police and Fire staff during a crisis, assessed lethality and the need for therapeutic intervention.
路 Answered crisis calls as needed and handled difficult interactions.
路 Reviewed and ensured smooth and appropriate documentation by all staff supervised, reviewed notes, taught crisis intervention skills and new material, held group supervision and ran a weekly supervisory group.
路 Coordinated with other supervisors and administrative staff to ensure effective crisis work and maintenance of the crisis line at all times.
路 Handled all IT issues with IT staff and worked to continuously improve technology.
路 Worked to appropriately administer group supervision or weekly meetings as needed to ensure continuity of care and to provide essential skills, information, and problem solving.

Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Office of Prosecutor, Tucson AZ
July, 2013鈥 December 2013
Program Coordinator, Tribal Court Improvement Program (TCIP)
路 Responsible for data gathering in all forms, completing and transcribing interviews, organizing focus groups with internal and external agencies and the duties of all aspects of a Systematic Community Needs Assessment.
路 Worked with advisory board to complete documentation for grant planning and grant writing to sustain the TCIP and improves services for at-risk youth in the Child Welfare System
路 Developed and disseminated a community survey to gather macro data on current and future impact of Child Welfare Services and the TCIP
路 Attended and participated in presentations to the community to gather information and to present data
路 Engaged in research gathering in areas of policy, procedure, legal issues, grant funding.
路 Completed Community Resource Mapping-- located and collected resources within and without the Tribe for at-risk youth and their families to be used in intervention
路 Worked closely with partners CCI (Center for Court Innovation, NY).
路 Collaborated with CCI intensively as consultants on the project.
路 Developed Workshop to be presented to Annual Conference on Completing a Community Needs Assessment

Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Centered Spirit Program, Tucson AZ
January 2009鈥擩une, 2013
Intensive In Home Therapist
路 Provided intensive in home therapy to children and families within this community (Caseload 50+)
路 Ran weekly parenting and weekly DBT Group, have run SA Group and Lifeskills Group.
路 Provided assessments and case management and crisis services as needed
路 Was liaison for schools, hospitals, CPS, DJS, other treatment facilities, churches, communities as needed to increase support, participated on weekly Multidisiplinary team
路 certified in Auricular acupuncture and ran a weekly substance abuse group for teens
路 established and maintained clinical record.
路 Ran Parenting group "Love and Logic" for primarily CPS involved or court-involved parents.

Saint Mary鈥檚 Hospital, Tucson, AZ
December 2008鈥擩an 2009
路 Social Worker, Care Management, Discharge Planner (PRN)
路 Provided timely and effective medical social work and discharge planning that encompasses initial and continuing psychosocial assessment for their medical, financial, emotional and spiritual needs.
路 Evaluated, organized, prioritized, communicated, and documented a safe, comprehensive discharge plan including referrals to health care providers and community resources for continuity of care.
路 Worked on all medical floors, including ER, ICU, Wound unit, Rehab floor, telemetry and Medical Surgical floor as needed.
路 Worked with attending physicians and UR Nurse Case managers to provide effective and timely changes in continuity of care and transitions to SNF or other post acute care providers.

Center for Eating Disorders, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Baltimore, MD
January 2005鈥擬arch 2007
路 Clinical Social Worker, Family Therapist
路 Maintained caseload of 7鈥11 families, completed all clinical tasks from admission to discharge including assessment, case management, referrals. Participated in multi-disciplinary treatment planning rounds daily.
路 Supervised floor staff, non-licensed behavioral staff, educated, encouraged, taught new skills and monitored skill-sets and other supervisory tasks as needed.
路 Educated families about eating disorders (ED) and ED treatment from admission to discharge, conducted bi-weekly family therapy with each assigned case, worked with client and family to address underlying family issues and improve treatment compliance. Problem-solving with client and family around relevant concerns.
路 Maintained clinical record.
路 Developed and ran assigned weekly groups, including a family dynamics, relapse prevention, and parenting group.
路 Developed and helped facilitate and Intensive Parenting Seminar, held quarterly.
路 Completed and coordinated MTPS, coordinated communication between treatment team and family as needed.
路 Supervised Master鈥檚 Level Social Work Intern, participated in SEPH Clinical Training program and as a University of Maryland Field Instructor.
路 Responsible for maintenance of the clinical record for all clients in caseload
路 Developed case presentations and other training tools for social work department.
路 Facilitated as liaison between Sheppard Pratt and other agencies, including DSS, DJS, housing and school agencies.
路 Developed and wrote parent education packet, provided at admission, for the Child and Adolescent program, a separate program within the Center for Eating Disorders

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center for the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Drug Dependencies, Baltimore, MD
December 2003鈥擩anuary 2005
路 Clinical Social Worker, Addictions Therapist
路 Responsible for running both opened-ended and closed-ended groups as well as structured and process groups on a variety of topics with regards to alcohol and drug addiction for a caseload 85--115 clients in a variety of stages of treatment many of whom were multiply-addicted, dually diagnosed, HIV+, and CJS involved.
路 Responsible for maintenance of the clinical record for all clients in caseload.
路 Participated in interdisciplinary treatment team, with planning for admissions, discharges, and comprehensive treatment planning and review for all clients in assigned caseload.
路 Provided clinical supervision each semester to university interns majoring in addictions theory, trains students in group theory and counseling skills, clinical record keeping, and other relevant topics

Good Shepherd Center, Baltimore, MD
August 2002鈥擠ecember 2003
Senior Hunter Team Social Worker, Individual, Family and Group Therapist
路 Provided individual, family and group therapy to adolescent females and their families
路 Participated in and facilitated interdisciplinary team, with planning for admissions and discharges, coordinated comprehensive treatment planning and review for all clients in assigned caseload
路 Was responsible for maintenance of clinical record, and provided case management services to adolescents and their families
路 Coordinated community and Center resources for the student and her family, and for developing and maintaining center resources
路 Liaison between the center and various community systems, including DSS, DJS, and Board of Ed. Maintained contact with school system and coordinated IEP requirements.
路 Co-chair of Development for pilot of intensive substance abuse program
路 Developed and trained staff in implementing special behavioral plans for clients in assigned case-load as needed
路 Developed training resources, trained residential staff on assigned unit in a variety of specialized topics during weekly staff meetings
路 Provided crisis-intervention therapies to adolescents in assigned case-load as needed

Sheppard-Pratt Health System, Baltimore, MD
December 2003鈥擭ovember 2006 (This contract was taken over by Lafferman, and associates in 2005)
路 Crisis Intervention Counselor
路 Provided ER-Room Psychiatric interviews, assessments and consultation to Emergency Room staff when psychiatric consultation was needed, crisis-intervention counseling as needed
路 Determined and consulted with insurance companies in order to determine eligibility and psychiatric need criteria
路 Consulted with area psychiatric facilities to secure bed, worked with admissions staff to forward needed clinical information to secure admission
路 Arranged emergency transportation, completed paperwork as needed, made referrals to outpatient resources to ER-clients should admission criteria not be met

Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bethesda, MD
June 1998- May 2002
Assistant Director of Admissions: Served as primary liaison between the community and the Institute, served in administrative functions as assistant director of admissions staff.
路 Developed PR announcements and provided information about the Institute to various community colleges and schools as well as the community at large
路 Organized and led community open houses
路 Provided supervision and training to Admissions staff, as well as screening new staff.
路 Assisted in developing and maintaining admissions criteria, as well as assisting and participating in administrative review, development, and financial budgeting for the institute.
路 Developed and maintained computer databases, outcome data, etc.
路 Screened and interviewed applicants
路 Assisted students with the application and financial aid process, housing, and other community resources.

Human Genome Sciences, Gaithersburg, MD
Gene Discovery Department
November 1996--October 1997
Research Associate
路 Duties included gene sequencing and sequencer maintenance, utilization and maintenance of Biomec Robots, ordering and quality control testing of acrylomide gel solutions, and maintenance of accurate records for quality control of various sequencing libraries

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Gene Discovery Department
June 1996-- November 1996
Research Technician
路 Duties included providing accurate inventory logs of all DNA samples, requests, data preparation and progress of submitted samples, preparing and running sequencing gels and supervising and maintaining DNA sequencers and Catalyst Robotic Workstations

Internship Experience:

Springfield Hospital Center, Sykesville MD
September 2000-- May 2001
路 Worked on admissions unit providing crisis intervention, case management, and discharge planning services
路 Participated in interdisciplinary assessment and treatment planning. Services provided include individual and group counseling, entitlements assistance, liaisons with community agencies, family counseling, and addictions counseling
路 Led a weekly therapeutic addictions group and relaxation/guided imagery group
路 Co-led a weekly trauma group
路 Led monthly three-hour seminar on Crisis Management and Relapse prevention for the Dual Diagnosis program

Carroll County Youth Service Bureau, Westminster, MD
September 2001鈥擬ay 2002.
路 Clinical intern providing weekly counseling services for clients ranging from ages 4 to adult
路 Provided individual and family therapy
路 Led weekly activity/discussion group at the Therapeutic After School Program for middle school age children (focus of clients included ADHD and children with family issues)
路 Provided psycho-social assessments and developed treatment plans for caseload of 18-20 clients
路 Attended bi-weekly case conferences on each client
路 Completed ongoing continuing education and training sessions to improve professional knowledge and skills

References: Available upon request

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