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Verified m.a. engineering mathematics: differential equations, calculus, pre-calculus, trigonometry, c & c# programming


M.A. Engineering Mathematics, 10+ years of Professional Tutoring, Teaching, Software Development, and Information Technology experience. Tutoring available online (world-wide) and in person in the greater Bangor area (library, coffee shop, ...). Tutoring also available online with electronic whiteboard and document exchange for extra lessons to reinforce the subject matter. C and C# programming in the Microsoft .NET framework tutoring is available.


10+ years of Professional Tutoring, and Teaching experience in such subjects as Mathematics, Software Development, PC & Laptop Repair, Linux, Windows, and Virtualization. I have trained countless many over the years in all of the above subjects -- and more -- with remarkable results. Results that were gleaned through multiple examples from the academic to the real world -- e.g. Quadratics verses Rocket Launching. See how the abstract applies to the world we live in and in the space outside of our planet.


Rate for online lessons : $35/h
Lessons offered by Alex
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Trigonometry
  • Chemistry
  • Precalculus & Calculus
  • All Levels

Alex's resume

April 24, 2015 – Present

Web Developer, Software Engineer, Information Technology, Consultant, the Maine Tutor (Consultation-Bangor)

• C, C#, C++ .NET Programming w/MVC5&6, Web Design, ASP.NET, Visual Studio
• Computer, Networking, Engineering Mathematics Consultant
• Laptop Repair, Virtualization, Linux, Windows Consultant
• Mathematical Programming Solutions, Numerical Analysis, Servers, SANS/NAS Consultant
• Calculus I, II, & III with Analytic Geometry, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Algebra I&II Instruction
• See (concealed information) for further services I am working

1994 – April 24, 2015 (layoff date)

Systems Administration, Information Technology, Software Engineer, the Boeing Company (Aerospace-Bangor)

• Systems Administrator and Lead Northeast I.T. Focal for “The Boeing Company (Aerospace)” site here in Bangor, Maine. (21 years, 4 months)
• 50/50 roles as Systems Administrator and Developer for Boeing Satellite Imagery (classified and open)
• Developed Boeing proprietary algorithms in HLLs listed above such as,
o Polynomial 3D-Cubic splining techniques
o 3D Elevation contouring techniques saving digitizers hours of error-prone manual input/editing per image; including drunken sailor techniques
o Graphical user interface for image editing and macro implementation
o Numerical differentiation and integration algorithms
o SQL schemas for 3D coordinate databases for translators from SQL to Intergraph, ESRI, AutoCAD, and other packages
o SQL database restore techniques for corrupted SQL databases
o Intranet root calculators (imaginary and real roots)
o Code reviewer for the other software engineers
o Image verses time dilation calculators in 3D
o Battle theater implementations and rendering
• Active Directory Administrator for ISS OU, including GPO implementation and object creation/deletions and policy restrictions
• Configure and administrate local Bangor Boeing users in both hardware and software needs. Including system board, hard drive, and memory replacements for both workstations and servers
• Servers include HP Proliants (w/ILO), Oracle Blade servers(w/ILOM), Fabric switches, switches, routers, Riverbed Data Accelerator, SANs, Jukeboxes, NTP and more
• Created VMware guests and administrated these through VSphere and VCenter while utilizing such functionality as VMotion.
• Administrate and configure Oracle Blade servers with 5 of 10 blades and Windows, Linux, and Solaris Operating Systems all under Active Directory and Power Broker. Including Linux DNS & LDAP working with Active Directory DNS, SAMBA, unified authentication, NTP synchronization, Kerberos issues, and super shares
• Administrate and configure Bangor RHEL 6.x Linux Enterprise servers, SQL servers, product servers and LAN/WAN system

1985 – January 1994

Systems Administration, Software Engineer, Mathematician, KORK/Systems, Autometric, Inc. (Bangor)

• Lead Software Engineer and Mathematician in the development of Advanced Photogrammetric software and diagnostic software used in the processing of Satellite Imagery
• Lead project developer in the development of the “KORK Digital Mapping System” with 20+ modules and database translators. This was the first color based system in the United States. Most of the Analytical Geometric algorithms were developed by myself and sold throughout the world. This is a vector based mapping system today overshadowed by more advanced systems today.
• Created engineering mathematical simulations and solutions via HLL compilers utilizing cubic splining, Calculus based numerical differentiation, MS SQL database interactions, and advanced numerical solutions
• Lead I.T. focal and resident SME (Subject Matter Expert) in computer-based numerical solutions
• Spanish interpreter and documenter for our foreign customers, e.g. Spain, etcetera

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